Hello New Farm, good-bye zucchini
Two readers share some nice words about New Farm and a tip preventing a zucchini overdose. 

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Another amazing tale of disappearing zucchini.

Complete Zucchini Mgmt Guide (which was hilarious)--you can also nip those plants in the bud and give your customers the flowers for stuffing and sauteeing in a little butter/olive oil combo. Stuffs best with minted rice with pignolia nuts.

Sandra Brown


Hello, old friend.

I just found your website, and I have to tell you I was overjoyed. I was a regular reader and subscriber of the magazine when it was in print. There was nothing else like it. Now that I have found this, I'll make it a regular stop when I'm in cyberspace. It's just like visiting with an old friend I haven't seen in a long time.

Fran Ruchalski