It's sad to see gardens here disappear under weed fabric and stone. I go to open houses in my area and ask the realtor: “Couldn't the birds have a few feet of dirt to peck at?” We're forced to move to greener pastures. Wildwood, New Jersey has become a sterile vinyl-and-concrete wasteland. Last year an over zealous neighbor oversprayed our garden with weed killer. We look now for organic farms south of here and hope to find a farm with established income but also wildlife habitat.

New Jersey



We feel your pain. Each time we go for a staff bike ride in our own area, we shake our heads at the waste of prime garden space, wildlife habitat, time and energy—in the form of petrol, pesticides, and labor—that neighborhoods made up of vast sterile green lawns represent. Then we'll happen upon a yard overflowing with diversity, abundance, color and life and find a glimmer of hope.

Good luck finding that perfect farm…and be sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming story on pesticide drift.



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