I've read and re-read your article Landed Jersey Girls and I just have to ask: How do I find someone like this to work with me? I have a small farm that could be more productive, but I really need an intern or a manager. How do I find an intern? How do I find someone like Pam Flory to help me with production selection and marketing? What kind of need will they have for housing or transportation that I would need to provide for?

I have four kids and I would love for them to see another woman working successfully in agriculture!

Laura Tarbet



Internships and farm labor positions come in all shapes and sizes; some provide living quarters and/or meals, and others do not. You will have to assess your own needs, desires and capabilities. Generally, internships imply that you’ve got something to teach, and as a small farmer you certainly do. If you are hiring a manager, however, you should expect experience.

Once you’ve settled on just what you have to offer, place an “opportunities” ad in our free online Classifieds. You might also visit our Farming for Credit forums and make known your quest.

WWOOF USA www.wwoofusa.com, The International WWOOF Association www.wwoof.org and the ATTRA website www.attrainternships.ncat.org are also excellent places to list your internship/apprentice opportunities.

Good luck,

P.S. -- You might also try the national www.wia.usda.gov and the Pennsylvania chapter of Women in Agriculture Network http://wagn.cas.psu.edu.



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