I am just getting started with the transition and would really find BASIC, TECHINCAL advice on crop rotations, cover crops, and other weed management practices very helpful.

Thanks so much.
Rob Dittmer



Hopefully you are finding plenty of what you are asking for on our site, such as the Martens' recent early season weed control series (click here for part 1). You can also do a site-specific Google search from our home page for NewFarm.org coverage of the specific topics you desire.

And it is our sincere hope to have our organic online transition course up and running next fall. We have another evolving project, FarmSelect, that you should also find useful. Designed to work across America’ rural landscape, FarmSelect allows you to compare the variables of conventional agriculture with organic production and helps you produce a crop plan you can take to your lender.

Good luck, and please keep in touch about your progress.




Thank you for your reply to my question. I visited the link and found it very useful. I am very excited about this process. I sowed alfalfa last week and am looking forward to the planting season.

Thanks for your help,
Rob Dittmer


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