Training, workshops, urban agriculture programs and relief activities for sustainable farmers in Palestine

March 31, 2005

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I would like to inform you about new Palestinian organization working in organic farming: Safe Agriculture Producers Society (SAPS). Our main goal is to encourage organic farming in Palestine society. SAPS was first born in Palestine in 2001; the main objective was to adopt safe agricultural systems such as agro-ecological agriculture, IPM and permaculture (with special concentration on organic agriculture as the most safe agricultural system) and start to work in cooperation with other NGOs, especially Palestinian Agriculture Relief Center (PARC), MA’AN and Arabic Center for Agriculture Development (ACAD).

SAPS shares in a lot of activities such as training, workshops, an urban agriculture program and relief activities oriented to support the farmers in particular and rural society in general. In 2003, SAPS was recognized as a charity society, received its license, and participated in the IFOAM conference held in Canada. A key priority of SAPS is to establish a whole organic agriculture approach, including training, extension, producing, processing and marketing. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at,

With my best regards,
Yasser Nassar
SAPS chairman