I'm starting a small organic farm at my college (St. Olaf in Northfield, Minnesota) that is focusing mainly on veggies and herbs. We have a great setup: Our cafeteria has agreed to purchase all that we can grow, so our market it guaranteed! It would be great to read some stories about other campuses doing similar projects.

Dayna Burtness




Way to make a positive impact on your community! We’re currently experimenting with a different format for reader discussion groups, with the New Farmer Journal Forum debuting to our general readership this week. As we’ve been attending meetings this fall and winter, we’ve been talking to student farmers across the country, many of whom have expressed interest in the idea of a web-based clearinghouse for information exchange. And it’s our intention to provide one. Soon we’ll be following up the New Farmer Journal Forum with “Student Farm Forum”, a place where student farmers can hang out, take a break from farm chores, and share ideas and information.

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