I am just starting to grow organic vegetables and selling to local stores. The prices that I have found on your web site (the OPX), is this what I should be receiving for my produce? Also, I have noticed a couple thing that I am not understanding. Under the quantity, I have noticed a "#" and “2 layers 4x5”. What do these stand for? Like I said, I am just starting to grow vegetables, so please forgive my stupid questions.

Thanks for your help,
Jason Davis


First of all, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. The “#” signifies pounds, and the “2 layer 4X5” is two layers of 20 tomatoes each (40 tomatoes total).

The prices on the OPX are what farmers are receiving from wholesalers (terminal market prices). If you are selling directly to retailers, particularly if you are delivering, you should be able to command a higher price.

Many farmers find they can demand somewhere between wholesale and direct-to-consumer retail. For prices farmers are receiving at local farmers' markets, check out our Grassroots OPX which will reopen in May.

Using both pricing tools should give you a good "high" and "low" to work with.

Good luck,


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