I love the artichokes on Andy Griffin's journal page (The value--and the limits--of fantasy in any farming operation, November 2004). I would like to find out where I can get seeds for that type of artichoke.

Cythia Goad



We asked ‘da man’ himself. Here’s what Andy had to say:

“Regarding the purple artichokes in the photo, the teardrop shaped ones are called ‘Violetti’ and the plumper one is a ‘Romagna’. I have gotten the ‘Violetti’ seeds from Territorial Seeds www.territorial-seed.com as well as from Ornamental Edible Seeds www.ornamentaledibles.com. The ‘Romagna’ seeds came from Italy in a chef’s suitcase but are probably available from Seeds of Italy www.seedsofitaly.com. It’s important to know that neither variety is particularly consistent—the artichokes range in color from purple to green and the shape from tulip through teardrop to globe. The size is usually small and the buds are best picked young to be consumed whole after a brief steaming or sauté. Hope this helps.”


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