I am 27 years old. My girlfriend and I just completed our first exciting CSA season here at Stoney Lonesome Farm (listed on your web site [Click here to search the Farm Locator for them]). I recently wrote an article with other young aspiring farmers in mind entitled "Confessions of a first year CSA farmer." Much of the article includes advice that I've gleaned from other growers, but also personal experiences I think would be relevant to young folks (and things often left out of farming texts). Perhaps you would like to include my article, in some form, on your web site. I'm also hoping to win one of those nifty New Farm hats.

Pablo Elliott
Stoney Lonesome Farm


Thanks for sending us your article. We’ll see if we can find room for it on our site in some form and will gladly send you a New Farm hat for your efforts.

Your experience as an enthusiastic new farmer reminds us of a conversation—and idea—we had at the recent SARE conference in Burlington, Vermont. We exchanged cards with a new young farmer who expressed an interest in keeping a running journal of his experiences from which others new to farming might benefit (and even longtime farmers could relate to). We thought it would be interesting to gather a team of new farmers—representing a variety of operations and regions—to contribute to this project. It sounds like such an endeavor might be right up your alley, Pablo.

If there are any other interested takers out there, please send an email to The New Farm Senior Editor Dan Sullivan at daniel.sullivan@rodaleinst.org briefly describing your farm and what brought you to the vocation.

Happy Thanskgiving!

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