Darts and laurels for New Farm

Posted November 9, 2004

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A beef with meat-eating message

Regarding the Farmer's Markets & Beyond story posted October 26: It is misleading and irresponsible to suggest a vegan diet lacks adequate nutrients or that animal products must remain a staple of the human diet. I wonder how much change you are really interested in supporting. At the very least, you could refer readers to a fair and unbiased source of nutritional information for non-meat eaters. As it is, you sound rather like a softer version of ConAgra.

Meredith Yeary

Keep up the good work

Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to get the New Farm e-zine and how often I share articles with colleagues. Having apprenticed organic farms in the early ’90s —before the web became widely available—it was difficult to get a lot of information about what was going on in the field, so to speak! Now it is so easy, and I love the photos too!

Thank you so much,
Nan Johnson
Dancing Goat Farms (not raising crops, just goats and poultry)
Water Valley, Mississippi