Do you have any recommended reading on farmer-to-farmer learning—farmers learning about agriculture, marketing and so forth, from each other?

David Brown


Our entire site is based upon the premise of farmer-to-farmer interaction, learning, collaboration and inspiration.

Toward that end, we encourage you to sign up for our free Talk section, where you can join or start a conversation about various farm-related topics. Our online bookstore is full of titles written by farmer, for farmers. You’ll fine homespun, practical farmer-to-farmer advice in Ask Jeff, where The Rodale Institute’s own longtime farm manager Jeff Moyer takes on questions from other farmers. Our Resource Guide allows you to connect with other food and farm groups working to support family farming and sustainable agriculture nationally and internationally. And our features and opinion pieces by and about farmers offer instructive and insightful stories, information and commentary on topics ranging from cover crops, to relationship marketing, to weed control, to steel in the field.

We don’t take our tagline “Farmer-to-farmer know-how from The Rodale Institute” lightly. And we’re open to any suggestions you might have about how we might improve that effort.



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