I really value the newsletter, and together with Growing for Market, count on it to keep me up to date on issues.

I want to recommend to other readers that the tapes from the annual Eco-Farm conference are available (www.eco-farm.org), and I have found them a really great way to get the benefit of that classic event (even if you can’t go). I listen to them as I drive—they are a great resource.

Renee Shepherd


Thank you for the compliment and encouragement and also for the important work you do (www.reneesgarden.com) to provide home gardeners with the very best varieties of heirloom flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

We, too, find the tapes from the sustainable ag conferences that we attend each year to be an invaluable resource. While we generally send more than one staff member, there are invariably multiple and overlapping workshops that we don’t wish so miss. That’s why we generally come home from each conference with an armload of tapes.

Dear Reader: To see (and hear) just what Renee is talking about, check out a transcripts and audio file of a presentation given by pioneering organic Montana wheat farmer Bob Quinn and a transcript of a talk given by California peach farmer and poet Mas Masumoto from last year’s Eco-Farm Conference, as well as a rousing keynote address by sustainable entrepreneur Paul Hawken given at last year’s Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA; www.pasafarming.org) conference.



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