I have a question for one of your writers, Susanna Meyer. She went to Costa Rica as a WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms: www.wwoof.org) member. I would like to do that as well.

I wanted to know how long it would take for me to become a WWOOF member. Since Costa Rica does not have their own WWOOF website, would I have to get the membership from the independent host website?

Thank you,


We tracked down Susanna for you. She writes:

“That's exciting that you're planning on traveling to Costa Rica! As far as I can remember, becoming a WWOOF member took less than a month, possibly a lot less (I can’t remember for sure). All that needs to happen is that you send in your money and they send you an I.D. card and information. They’re really quite speedy with the process, it’s just that the mail between here and England isn’t the fastest.

Yes, the membership that you need is from WWOOF’s independent host website. Visit www.wwoof.org/wpother.html for a list of participating independent hosts.

Once you are a member, you will receive contact information for each host.

Good luck and have fun!”



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