I am the executive chef at the Continental Airlines arena and would like information
on how to purchase the local artisan cheeses featured in a story on your web site for use in our luxury suites and private club.

Joseph O’Donnell
New Jersey


Thanks for your inquiry to New Farm about artisan cheeses. I'm the writer who penned the pieces on California goat cheese, and I have several suggestions for you about sourcing these superior cheeses. I would suggest two cheese shops and two producers:

Artisan Cheese, located in Point Reyes, California, and at San Francisco's Ferry
plaza Farmers Market, has the West Coast’s best selection of unique and hand-crafted
cheeses. They also run their own, superlative cheesery, Cowgirl Creamery www.cowgirlcreamery.com, which has been lauded from here to the moon. Contact Sue Conley at sueconley@cowgirlcreamery.com; (415) 663-9335 or Jeff Troiano at jeff@cowgirlcreamery.com; (707) 789-9433.

Artisanal Cheese www.artisanalcheese.com is closer to you, located in Manhattan. I haven't been there, but I've heard excellent things about them (and their cheese list, which includes Cowgirl's cheeses, backs up the compliments).

Redwood Hill www.redwoodhill.com is the goat cheese maker and farm I wrote about in the New Farm article. They make exceptional cheese and, unlike a lot of independent artisans, have a sophisticated distribution system that would allow them to work with a company whose needs are as large as yours. Contact Jennifer Bice: (707) 823-8250, rwdhill@sonic.net.

You can also try New Farm’s Farm Locator www.newfarm.org/farmlocator/index.php for other artisanal cheesemakers in your area.

And finally, Joseph, thanks for taking the time to inquire about these special cheeses and cheesemakers. It's great to see the world supporting the values of sustainable agriculture and food-making. I do hope you're able to offer some of these cheeses through Continental—you'll make your customers proud!

Lisa Hamilton


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