Would you have any idea why our little kiwis would drop off the vines after having grown to only about half an inch in diameter?

We’ve had good fruit in past years but in the last two seasons have lost everything before it has matured. The trees bloomed like crazy—and the flowers got pollinated because the bees were busy amongst the vines—but then the little kiwis drop off early. I could already taste them in my mind!

Ilse Dujmovic


We asked our friends Robin and Nancy Gammons, growers of kiwis (and a whole lot more) on their 5-acre diversified farm in Aromas, California. Here’s what Nancy had to offer:

“There are usually two causes for immature fruit drop: lack of water at a crucial time and lack of pollination. Bumblebees appear to be the best insect pollinators, as honeybees aren't that attracted to kiwi blossoms because they don't have much nectar. Since you saw many bees amongst the blossoms, I would assume that it might be due to water.

Kiwifruit like a lot of water; we irrigate everyday, four hours a day, but have very sandy soil. With a heavier soil, you have to be more careful, as the vines also need good drainage…and fertilizer. We feed our kiwifruit twice in the season: once in the spring and again in the late summer, using an organic 7-5-7 blend. So, that’s my guess. Not educated, but experiential."



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