Ranching series gets raves from HM fans
Teachers, authors of Holistic Management – and fans of Tony Malmberg – really liked our HM ranching series.

Posted August 17, 2004

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We enjoy a high level of reader response to our stories, questions and alerts. Worth of note, however, was a chorus of approval on the recent series on Holistic Management by Wyoming ranchers. The June-July series, Grass Farmers, consisted of three parts:

Part 1: Seeing the big picture Ranchers who practice Holistic Resource Management focus on keeping the native grasses healthy—everything else follows from there.

Part 2: One set of guiding principles, a wealth of different practices The key to Holistic Range Management is thinking creatively and independently, adapting its rules to the ever-changing conditions of ranch life.

Part 3: In search of the real tough cowboy To survive in the 21st century, ranchers need to be skilled natural resource managers—and good communicators.

Basic inspiration
I put all three articles on The Savory Center's general list serve. They were just too good to miss and I know they will inspire many others. I thought the articles said enough about Holistic Management for readers to understand its basic principles. They did the most important thing - they "showed" what it can do - or better, what people can do with it.
Jody Butterfield, Co-Founder & Research Coordinator
The Savory Center, Albuquerque, NM


She got it!
Definitely a good read. I really enjoyed reading the articles -- she got it! -- and did a great job articulating what this Holistic Management really is. I printed the articles out to give to my dog-training coach - a seventh generation Louisiana cattleman who I have been getting to know for a couple of years.
Tina Pilione, Certified HM Educator
Eunice, Louisiana


Capturing the “new” cowboy
Lisa Hamilton's article on Tony Malmberg caught Tony, and caught where he came from, intellectually and geographically. A fine job. And fortunately for the American West, Tony is one of many ranchers who are running their cows and managing their land in new ways.
Ed Marston
Paonia, Colorado
Former Publisher, High Country News


Guest turned rancher
Lisa Hamilton writes great English, and the stories are very attractive. I would have to recite almost every page to tell what we liked best about [the Malmberg feature]. One quote: “Better to have people introduced to Wyoming by a rancher than real estate agent.” Luckily we profited from both.
Dr. Peter Sacher, early ranch guest
Surgeon and 1,000-acre hobby rancher
Lander, Wyoming


Practical and personal
"I love it!! A little on holistic management -- but presented in such a
personal way as it is woven into your life and history, it is very readable
for the average Joe!"
Laurie Goodman, Director
Trout Unlimited Wyoming Water Project
Jackson, Wyoming