We’re considering growing organic wheat and need certification, production and marketing information. We’d really like to link with someone who is doing this in either eastern Colorado or western Kansas, that is, someone with similar weather conditions.

Margaret Rooney


We asked our good friend Bob Quinn, a fourth generation wheat farmer and pioneer organic grain grower, for his advice. Here’s what Bob had to offer (read Bob's own story at Organic Wheat Production Yields Premium Prices and Eliminates Seasonal Loans and You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn):

“I would suggest Heartland Mills (Mark Nightengale) in Marenthal, Kansas (Route 1 Box 2, 67863; 316-379-4472). I recommend them highly; they are very fine people and honest to deal with. They can certainly help with all three areas of concern.

Since these folks are in Colorado, the Colorado Organic Certification Pogram may be their best bet for certification information.”

Thank you, Bob.

Well, Margaret, recommendations just don’t come any better than that. Good luck, and let us know how you make out. (By the way, here’s the link to the Colorado Organic Certification Program: www.ag.state.co.us/DPI/Organic/organic.html.



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