When did the OPX begin?



The OPX™ (The New Farm Organic Price Index™) began in January 2003 and was born out of the realization that while conventionally grown or raised commodities have been tracked with pricing indices for years, the organic community had historically lacked access to such pricing information.

While organic producers know only too well the cost of producing their products, they often lack access to the other half of the equation necessary for success in any business—accurate pricing information. It’s our hope that with the OPX, organic farmers can better plan their business strategies by tracking price trends over time, gain insight into the true value of the products they produce, and be able to determine production budgets based on organic sales prices.

Until recently, we’ve been gathering produce prices at two terminal markets; one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. In order to better provide regional data, we are in the process of bringing 13 more terminal markets across the country on board. (The OPX also provides you with the best available pricing data for organic dairy, grains and meats.)

We are also in the process of improving our Grassroots OPX™, working to provide you with weekly pricing data from farmers markets in every state. Interested in becoming a Grassroots OPX™ reporter? Contact New Farm Assistant Editor Amanda Kimble-Evans at amanda.kimble-evans@rodaleinst.org.



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