I am interested in some of your research and the results—e.g., no-till farming. I also read somewhere that you have built a roller for knocking down tall cover crops to be used as mulch. Do you have archives or a place to go to find this information?

Sharon Bean


I would like to see a better way to find previous stories and articles. I glanced at the “Nuts and Bolts” series by Melanie and George Devault last year and have always meant to return to them. The archives took too long to load on my slow connection, so I tried a search, which worked OK, but it took me to a site link that didn't make any sense.

Lost in cyberspace,
Carol Osborne


We are delighted to tell you that, thanks to a partnership with the state-of-the-art search engine Google, we have recently greatly improved our on-site search capabilities. Now when you conduct a search of our archives from The New Farm homepage, Google will do a dedicated keyword search of our site.

Type “no-till” into the search window, you will come up with 99 stories, columns, and forum where the topic is discussed. “Roller” yields dozens of places where you can learn more about our innovative cover crop roller. Looking for a particular series? Type “Nuts and Bolts” into the improved search engine and all the stories line up for you to choose from.

We hope this improved feature helps you to make even better use of our site by giving you easier access to our vast archives.




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