I am the printer at an under-2000 circulation weekly newspaper in rural Minnesota. Since I am the only employee with a farm background, I am also the farm page editor. This means that I get to decide which news releases from the chemical companies and the Extension Service get put in the paper. I am trying to find some better stories to put in instead of all this “propag-advertising”. There is a lot of great work on your web site. I have been reading the articles for almost a year now. Is there anyway that I can get permission, even on a case-by-case basis to reproduce some of your articles? I would of course credit you and the authors. Otherwise, could you also recommend some other sources for “free” agriculture stories.

Thank you so much,
Craig Kotasek

You’re quite welcome, and we’d love to help you balance the chemical company propaganda with our positive stories of regenerative agriculture. Just make sure the story you're interested in is original New Farm content (not a reprint) and e-mail Assistant Editor Amanda Kimble-Evans; amanda.kimble-evans@rodaleinst.org with your request.

Since we receive a number of requests such as yours (mostly from other like-minded nonprofits), we’ve actually created a content share page on our website at www.newfarm.org/pressroom/contentshare/index.shtml. There you’ll find free, ready-to-publish content and links to some of our featured articles updated biweekly. Simply copy the texts and links you'd like to use and paste them into your word-processing or web-design program. We'll even notify you whenever we post new shared material when you sign up for the e-update.

Other organizations you might approach for content include: the Environmental New Service (ENS), www.ens-newswire.com; CropChoice, www.cropchoice.com; ATTRA-National Sustainable Information Service, http://attra.ncat.org; and, specific to your region, The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, www.mosesorganic.org; the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, www.iatp.org; Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, www.misa.umn.edu; and the Land Stewardship Project (LSP), www.landstewardshipproject.org.