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Posted March 6, 2008

We are deep into integrating the rich content streams you've come to expect from NewFarm.org with our parent organization's website at The Rodale Institute. When the designing and re-arranging is done, we will present you with a dynamic new site that will be more fun, easier to use and give you more of what you need to farm well. While we're under contruction, we will not be accepting new ads.


Huron Commodities Inc is in our 20th year of marketing food-grade soybeans and other high quality ingredients. Please call us for assistance in marketing Non-GMO grain and soybeans, clear-hilum soybeans, and Organic soybeans, grain, and peas. Call 217-762-4500. IL

Visit our website www.supportlocalfarmers.com to view our farming t-shirts. These shirts are a hit at the farmer's markets. We also offer a "Farmer's Discount" for 10+ shirts. NH

Need a website for your Ag or Farm related business? Complete websites for as low as $299.99. Contact us for a free quote! Email info@farmersites.com or visit www.farmersites.com. MN

The "Animal Welfare Approved" program seeks farmers interested in our free, food labeling accreditation. Animal Welfare Approved is a program of the Animal Welfare Institute, a non profit since 1951. For information, contact Lauren Riga at at 703.836.4300 or at lauren@awionline.org. www.animalwelfareapproved.org.

DM510 Dryer Master computerized continuous online moisture measurement and grain drying control system. GM2 & M2 Dryer Master continuous online moisture measurement system. Please come visit our website at: www.dryermaster.com or contact us at 1-800-265-2757.

Processor and exporter of cereal grains and oilseeds. ... Processes and exports sunflowers for snacks, cooking ingredients and bird food. Email begum_muthahira82@yahoo.com. WA

Earn additional income leasing your properties hunting rights. For more Information visit www.yourhuntlease.com. IN

Custom Cattle Grazing. We can graze your cattle on our 60 acres mixed grass/ clover/ alfalfa pasture. We use organic/ biodynamic practices but are not certified. Any class of cattle from weaning to finish, beef or dairy. 10+ years Managment Intensive Grazing experience. Call Matt Pearson 908-459-4474. NJ

CK Ramos Consulting, LLC offering consulting on how to increase farm productivity, decrease environmental impact and lower operating costs by using technology. We offer a full range of products and services. Call (831) 998-0393. CA

I am a dealer in AGGRAND Certified Organic Fertilizer products. Details on these liquid fertilizer products can be found at http://agmap.psu.edu/businesses/4533 or by email with a request to me at jlkurtz@reykur.us. Individuals can purchase online and we have a 'Prefered Custonmer" program. Jeff Kurtz 570-401-4843.

Your vision, Your business, Your family, Your farm, Your Ranch. Greens Solar Solutions partners with your business to create a Road Map to Successful Energy Management. We can assist your farm/ranch add value to your product. Dairy? Meat? Grain? More profit on the the bottom line. How? We decrease your electric demand. We reduce the KWh rate. We work with Electric companies to net meter your electric supply and work to achieve a net Zero for your operation large or small. Visit us a www.greenssolarsolutions.com. Call for a site evaluation at no cost to you: 614.531.1011.

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