How to convince consumers that organic is more nutritious

(Referring to Jeff’s October column on documenting the nutritional benefits of organic produce.)

It is going to be very difficult to convince people, especially those raised in urban settings, that organic foods are more nutritious then conventional. To me, nutrition begins with flavor and if all one knows is the taste of cardboard ….

A group of us order organic produce in to our small prairie town, and even here, some locals think we're crazy. We can't convince them that it doesn't cost much more to eat well, and that it is actually exciting to see mold on strawberries when they arrive.

Geraldine Perron
Kelvington, Sask. Canada

Good morning, Geraldine,

You’re right when you say it’s going to be difficult; however it’s been difficult to bring organic from just an idea to a multi-billion dollar industry. If we want to continue to move agriculture in a positive direction we need to pursue these types of activities with all the energy they deserve. Good scientific research is a powerful tool, useful when trying to move mountains of opposition. It also takes an army of folks just like you who are willing to go out of their way to purchase organic products. This not only helps your own efforts to improve your personal health but supports the farms and farmers who are working hard to stay on the land. Not only does it not cost much more to eat well, but it doesn’t cost much more to preserve and protect family farms and the environment. So, let them think you’re crazy; I think you’re right on target. Thanks again for taking the time to email, and please write back any time.