Mother Nature’s animal health tools
A look inside the organic vet's black bag

By Dr. Paul Dettloff, DVM
September 15, 2005

Editor's note:

Paul Dettloff

Dr. Paul Dettloff has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1967 and working with organic dairy producers since 1988. He currently serves as staff veterinarian for Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative and is an internationally recognized authority on organic livestock health. His columns on organic dairy herd health appear in the CROPP Cooperative Herd Health Bulletin, and are reprinted here by permission.

Sources for organic veterinary supplies

Note: and Organic Valley do not endorse or recommend any company or product and this is not a complete list. Before purchase or use of any product ALWAYS confirm that it is acceptable with your certification agency.

PO Box 735
Easton, PA 18044
tel: 610-250-9280
Animal health products, nutritional supplements.

Arnie's Farm Care
M508 Gavin Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449
tel: 715-387-6603
Nutritional consulting, vitamins and minerals.

Crystal Creek, Inc.
N9466 Lakeside Road
Trego, WI 54888
tel: 715-466-5043 or 888-376-6777
fax: 715-466-5042
Animal health products, nutritional supplements and consulting.

Fastrack-Conklin Co
205 Old Settlers Trail
Poynette, WI 53955
tel: 608-635-4811
Direct-fed microbials.

Impro Products Inc.
R.J. Holliday, DVM
3 Allamakee Street
Waukon, IA 52172
tel: 319-568-3401
Livestock supplements, probiotics, colostrum, whey and consulting.

Northeast Homeopathic Products
563 Massachusetts Ave
Acton, MA 01720-2903
tel: 800-551-3611
Homeopathic pharmaceuticals.

Taurus Service, Inc.
PO Box 164
Grist Flat Rd
Mehoopany, PA 18629
tel: 800-836-5123 or 570-833-5123
Bovine genetics for grass-based dairies.

Washington Homeopathic Products
4914 Del Ray Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814
tel: 800-336-1695
Homeopathic pharmaceuticals.

Additional suppliers of organic livestock materials can be found in OMRI's Brand Name Products List (


The pretty cows above belong to Steve and Julie Russell, Organic Valley Farmer-Owners, Winslow, ME
Photo by Carrie Branovan, ©2005 Organic Valley

The certified organic livestock producer cannot use antibiotics, hormones, analgesics or any other synthesized molecule in the production of food. Many of these products have been found to be immuno-suppressant. Many cause bacterial mutation and many put unusually high levels of hormones into the food chain and the environment.

The organic farmer has gone back to nature to use products that occur naturally to help the animals stay healthy without using any synthesized molecules.

The organic farmer does not chase down bugs and eliminate the signs of healing, but helps the bodies’ systems repair and heal. Organic dairy farmers focus on balanced nutrition from the soils up through the forage, yielding a healthy, vibrant animal with a strong immune system.

Here are some of the tools that have been discovered and rediscovered.

Aloe vera
Essential oils
Whey products
Vitamins and antioxidants
Trace and macro minerals

The natural approach involves all the systems of the body and we no longer chase bugs and cover up symptoms. Symptoms are part of the healing process. These products are safe to handle, have very few if any side effects, and do not adulterate the food chain with unwanted chemicals or foreign molecules.

Two interesting facts:

  1. Organic cows, because they are fed a high-forage diet--which is what the rumen is designed to digest--have been observed to live much longer and tend to be healthier than conventional cows.
  2. Organic standards do not allow the use of any synthetic hormones for animal production. Hormones can affect the endocrine system--which governs all other bodily systems--in very small amounts, like parts per trillion.