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DEC 29, 2004: New USDA rule to establishes minimal-risk regions for BSE

DEC 24, 2004: Wisconsin dairies feels squeeze

DEC 23, 2004: 2005 looking to be a strong year for natural power

DEC 21, 2004: President Bush signs specialty crop competitiveness act

DEC 17, 2004: Food tour highlights dangers of irradiation

DEC 17, 2004: Italy passes bill creating coexistence among farming methods

DEC 17, 2004: Brazil to top U.S. in chicken production

DEC 17, 2004: Brazil to export vegetable oil-based biodiesel

DEC 16, 2004: Oversight on bioengineered crops is poor, report says

DEC 16, 2004: OTA: Perchlorate contamination an agriculture problem

DEC 15, 2004: Glyphosate-resistant ragweed confirmed in Missouri

DEC 8, 2004: Supreme Court hears beef over ad campaign

DEC 8, 2004: Health secretary highlights food security, avian flu as top concerns at farewell

DEC 8, 2004: Rotenone exposure linked to Parkinson's

DEC 8, 2004: Bangor City hazwaste violations settled with biodiesel

DEC 7, 2004: Japanese research group believes glufosinate causes brain damage

DEC 7, 2004: Conservation bill awaits President's signature

DEC 7, 2004: New tracking system allows Japanese consumers to dial in beef's origin

DEC 6, 2004: Study finds factory farms may leak antibiotic resistant bacteria

DEC 3, 2004: New German law on gene crops a 'de-facto ban'

DEC 3, 2004: Ballpark franks go organic in San Diego and St. Louis

DEC 3, 2004: Nebraska Governor takes administration's top ag position

DEC 2, 2004: Soy biodiesel plus heating oil = bioheat

DEC 1, 2004: UCD cleared in biotech seed mix-up




NOV 30, 2004: Largest farms and firms get subsidies

NOV 30, 2004: Last year's mad cow costing Canadian producers big

NOV 30, 2004: Farm survey – 86 percent favor online marketplace

NOV 30, 2004: An EU nation's right to ban GMOs moves to Council

NOV 29, 2004: Germany legislates protection from transgenic crops

NOV 29, 2004: Use of ozone destroying methyl bromide will continue

NOV 29, 2004: Consumers go out of their way to spend more on meat

NOV 29, 2004: Organic foods market booming

NOV 29, 2004: New York City sales of community gardens halted

NOV 29, 2004: New FDA policy allows GM contamination of food supply

NOV 25, 2004: Australian farmers brand GM canola a failure

NOV 23, 2004: New EU animal transport regulations stress animal welfare

NOV 23, 2004: Asian foods all the rage in Australia

NOV 23, 2004: Half the American harvest goes to waste

NOV 23, 2004: Winner Minnesota ag award a first—first organic, first woman

NOV 22, 2004: Farmers' Guide to navigating the legal minefield of GMOs

NOV 22, 2004: Soybean rust found in five states

NOV 22, 2004: IUCN urges time out for genetically modified organisms

NOV 21, 2004: GM-firms extinguish dreams of British fields

NOV 19, 2004: Supreme Court requests administration's view on seed patent controversy

NOV 19, 2004: Second U.S. cow may have mad disease

NOV 19, 2004: One more California county bans genetically engineered organisms

NOV 17, 2004: Genetically modified wheat still a market risk

NOV 16, 2004: Rat study reveals potential dangers with GM-corn

NOV 16, 2004: Feds ignore evidence that biotech corn could cause allergies

NOV 16, 2004: With fair trade coffee a success--growers ask, who's next?

NOV 16, 2004: Special OFRF grants target organic management of pests

NOV 15, 2004: UK: Farmer connections push organic sales up 10% this year

NOV 15, 2004: U.S. mad cow boosts Aussie beef exports to near record

NOV 15, 2004: Ag Secretary decides one term enough

NOV 15, 2004: Pennsylvania Governor seeks funding for farmland preservation

NOV 13, 2004: Creativity, diversification key to survival for local farmers

NOV 11, 2004: Strong profits reaffirm Whole Foods place in today's grocery landscape

NOV 11, 2004: Farmers beat Atkins in popularity contest

NOV 10, 2004: EPA pesticide baby study to undergo internal ethical review

NOV 10, 2004: USDA confirms soybean rust in U.S.

NOV 10, 2004: World disease outbreaks lead Russia to issue beef bans

NOV 10, 2004: China offers loans to help support cotton prices

NOV 9, 2004: Canada's first GM free zone honored

NOV 9, 2004: Walnuts' secret powers discovered

NOV 9, 2004: Leading the way to sustainable ag

NOV 8, 2004: America's appetite for imported food is creating problems for the U.S. economy

NOV 8, 2004: Rice price hike alarms scientists at World Rice Conference

NOV 8, 2004: EU/US back before WTO — this time at EU's call

NOV 5, 2004: Dioxin contamination of animal feed closes European farms

NOV 5, 2004: Asian development bank prepares Afghanistan for new dam

NOV 4, 2004: Conservation Security Program expands reach more than ten-fold

NOV 3, 2004: FDA approves new use for popular cattle drug

NOV 3, 2004: Humans cause more soil erosion than rivers, glaciers

NOV 3, 2004: Organic farming better for wildlife

NOV 3, 2004: Wanted organic flax farmers: premiums offered

NOV 3, 2004: French goat may have died from BSE

NOV 2, 2004: Rabobank's FCS buyout bid terminated

NOV 2, 2004: Olive oil included among FDA's heart healthy

NOV 2, 2004: Experts warn: Avain flu could break big

NOV 1, 2004: Florida growers get half a billion in hurricane assistance

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OCT 31, 2004: Canadian court to rule if class action suit is legal option against GMOs

OCT 29, 2004: Mexico farmers protest GM corn imports

OCT 27, 2004: European Commission OKs transgenic corn for human food

OCT 26, 2004: High imports lead to calls for tariffs on foreign butter

OCT 26, 2004: Pick-your-own lettuce straight from your grocer's shelf

OCT 26, 2004: Community investing keeps small family farms in capital

OCT 25, 2004: U.S.-Japan beef trade should resume soon

OCT 25, 2004: Survey shows only 1/4 of U.S. grain elevators segregating GMO corn

OCT 23, 2004: Riddle elected chair of National Organic Standards Board

OCT 21, 2004: Flawed U.S. food recalls leave unsafe food on shelves

OCT 21, 2004: U.S. farmers could ease drain on world water supply

OCT 21, 2004: Organic standards for milk, produce clarified

OCT 21, 2004: 30 Thai tigers die of bird flu, 30 more to be culled

OCT 20, 2004: Big production incentive energizes Canada's wind industry

OCT 20, 2004: Monsanto facing another Schmeiser suit

OCT 20, 2004: Horizon Organic to purchase wind energy

OCT 19, 2004: New Jersey bans non-native plants on state land

OCT 15, 2004: Biodiversity for food security theme of World Food Day

OCT 15, 2004: GM-Alfalfa ready to hit fields in spring

OCT 15, 2004: California introduces value-added tomato labels

OCT 15, 2004: Fighting animal related diseases is a priority for EU in 2005

OCT 14, 2004: EU imposes livestock ban on southern Spain

OCT 14, 2004: Comfort foods burning up stressed Briton budgets

OCT 14, 2004: Formaldehyde makes good chicken feed, EFSA concludes

OCT 13, 2004: Developing countries voluntarily limit greenhouse gas emissions

OCT 13, 2004: South East Asia moves to gain control of food safety issues

OCT 13, 2004: Despite storms Florida orange crop will quench U.S. thirst

OCT 12, 2004: Western drought forecast to persist this winter

OCT 12, 2004: UK BSE inquiry conclusion: Casualty cattle prove low risk

OCT 12, 2004: Monsanto's royalty grab in Argentina: A dramatic comedy in three acts

OCT 12, 2004: Europe united: No GMO food

OCT 12, 2004: New UK guide aims to get more regional foods on the shelves

OCT 12, 2004: Congress passes first biodiesel tax incentive

OCT 11, 2004: Long Island wine region established by law

OCT 11, 2004: Hain Celestial lands its soy burgers in McDonald's

OCT 11, 2004: Virginia Tech wins $34 million in USAID ag grants

OCT 9, 2004: Tradition runs deep in Missouri's River valley

OCT 8, 2004: Research stopping blast wins Year of Rice award

OCT 7, 2004: India pioneers rainwater harvesting

OCT 6, 2004: Monsanto wins key patent dispute over gene insertion

OCT 6, 2004: Canada: Monsanto victory plants seed of privatization

OCT 6, 2004: EU offers Romania free trade--admission not a requirement

OCT 5, 2004: USA retains pesticide lindane at NAFTA meeting

OCT 5, 2004: California debate resurrects StarLink debacle

OCT 4, 2004: California victims of pesticide drift to get medical costs

OCT 3, 2004: Farm revolution stops at subsidies

OCT 1, 2004: Greenpeacers against biotech foods chain up to Bayer India

OCT 1, 2004: Farm groups propose family livestock model for MN, U.S.

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SEPT 30, 2004: Legality of hemp food, cosmetic products affirmed

SEPT 30, 2004: Spray away: vine leaves not subject to presticide rules

SEPT 30, 2004: Asian bird flu flare up kills mother and daughter

SEPT 29, 2004: Fresh Coffee Team: USAID, Starbucks, Conservation International

SEPT 29, 2004: Report could put a crimp in U.S. corn exports

SEPT 29, 2004: NEWS ANALYSIS: A U.S. study of GM crops spells trouble for Europe

SEPT 29, 2004: USDA awards $4.5 million in grants for organic research

SEPT 29, 2004: Hog farmer cleared to build methane-fueled power plant

SEPT 28, 2004: Genetic modification targeted as possible cause for flat yields

SEPT 28, 2004: NCR-SARE announces producer grant recipients

SEPT 28, 2004: Poor children vulnerable to pesticide poisoning

SEPT 27, 2004: In court: Bush rule on pesticide harm to endangered species

SEPT 27, 2004: Wind energy Production Tax Credit extended through 2005

SEPT 26, 2004: Midwest farmers share experiences of how GMOs alter market

SEPT 24, 2004: Over two billion in CAP funds missing

SEPT 24, 2004: Rapid detection tests for BSE could save cows' lives

SEPT 23, 2004: Japan confirms unlucky number thirteen

SEPT 22, 2004: Ecological forecasting soon to join weather forecasting

SEPT 21, 2004: Genes from engineered grass spread for miles, study finds

SEPT 21, 2004: E.U. postpones vote on latest GM-corn application

SEPT 20, 2004: Some sugar beet growers not sweet on Central American trade deal

SEPT 20, 2004: Soil retention of pharmaceuticals accurately predicted

SEPT 20, 2004: Willie Nelson headlines Farm Aid to benefit family farms

SEPT 17, 2004: Secret wheat trials in Canada maybe not so secret

SEPT 15, 2004: Ag Department splashes out $80 million for rural water

SEPT 14, 2004: Appetite for farmers markets grows

SEPT 13, 2004: Without key federal tax incentive, demand for wind turbines falls

SEPT 10, 2004: Genetic traits spread to non-engineered papayas in Hawaii

SEPT 10, 2004: Café Revive first UK coffee chain to serve 100% fair-trade

SEPT 9, 2004: EU approves biotech seed for planting; labeling issue side-lined

SEPT 8, 2004: Fiber-enriched next big thing in nutrition lingo

SEPT 7, 2004: Anti-GMO measure draws concern over constitutional rights

SEPT 7, 2004: College cafe goes local and gets lesson in grass-fed beef

SEPT 7, 2004: New Farm featured farmer recieves sustainability award

SEPT 6, 2004: Flame retardant levels in fatty foods higher than thought

SEPT 6, 2004: Sainsbury's reveals eco-friendly labels for organic produce

SEPT 5, 2004: Some farmers question YieldGuard's quality

SEPT 3, 2004: U.S. likely to see smallest farm surplus in 30 years

SEPT 3, 2004: Brits shift away from traditional to take out meals

SEPT 3, 2004: Russia agrees to uninterupted veterninary trade with EU

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AUG 31, 2004: Thai cabinet overturns GMO approval

AUG 30, 2004:Pesticide labeling rules to be globally harmonized

AUG 30, 2004: World Trade Organization rejects U.S. appeal on Canadian wheat

AUG 30, 2004: Cornell organic dairy transition study begins

AUG 27, 2004: Pieces of metal trigger chicken recall

AUG 27, 2004: Aussie organic okays acid to fight Canker in citrus

AUG 27, 2004: For now Japanese border will remain closed to U.S. beef

AUG 26, 2004: World Trade Organization delays ruling on EU-US biotech dispute

AUG 24, 2004: Cafeteria chain opts for sustainable agriculture

AUG 24, 2004: Clemson's homegrown corn plastic

AUG 24, 2004: EFSA report determines U.S. BSE risk is high

AUG 23, 2004: French agency questions its own report on GM crops

AUG 23, 2004: UC Riverside gets $1.5M to examine how GMOs spread

AUG 23, 2004: Rabobank offers to buy part of U.S. Farm Credit System

AUG 23, 2004: Soybean rust found north of equator in South America

AUG 22, 2004: Thai PM gives nod to biotech crops

AUG 20, 2004: Organic juices for lunch—no thermos required

AUG 19, 2004: Many cattle farms injured by Charley but no deaths reported

AUG 19, 2004: Monsanto Canada continuing trials on GM wheat

AUG 18, 2004: Critics allege, farmer not fit for farm commissioner

AUG 18, 2004: West Africa reels under invasion of the locusts

AUG 17, 2004: Non-enforcement of pasture rules opens the door to industrial organic dairies

AUG 17, 2004: Organic dairy sector takes another big step toward big business

AUG 17, 2004: Amplifying every drop the focus of World Water Week

AUG 16, 2004: One-third of corn acres planted in 2004 in GMOs, survery finds

AUG 16, 2004: Black farmers find profit in trucking southern produce to Midwest buyers

AUG 16, 2004: Beckerink family wins New York 2004 conservation award

AUG 14, 2004: Demand for organic food soars, but competition growing

AUG 13, 2004: Food safety projects funded for 19 universities, colleges

AUG 13, 2004: Wind farm projects languish without federal tax incentive

AUG 12, 2004: Tasty as it is, your lunch may be killing the planet

AUG 12, 2004: With bird flu near, Africa turns to Europe for poultry imports

AUG 12, 2004: New plastic disolves in compost—just add water

AUG 11, 2004: Ultragrain, the look, the taste of white bread, the nutrients of wheat

AUG 10, 2004: Kerry, Edwards talk with Missouri farmers

AUG 10, 2004: Chemical flame retardants found in farmed salmon

AUG 10, 2004: Organic certification 75 percent off

AUG 9, 2004: Kerry promotes energy independence plan

AUG 9, 2004: South African ostrich ranchers suffer from avian flu

AUG 8, 2004: Biotech request alarms food industry

AUG 6, 2004: Qualifications of organic food certifiers questioned

AUG 6, 2004: Factory farms to get sweet deal from EPA: No air pollution obligation

AUG 6, 2004: Bioenergy producers compete for $150 million in subsidies

AUG 5, 2004: China may approve biotech rice in 1-2 yrs, says analyst

AUG 5, 2004: U.S. District Judge orders USDA to disclose 'biopharm' locations in Hawaii

AUG 5, 2004: Asian bird flu breaks out again, threatens human health

AUG 4, 2004: USDA gives school fruit and veggie campaign $9m boost

AUG 4, 2004: California dairies cited for air pollution

AUG 4, 2004: Green weapon slays termites

AUG 4, 2004: Coffee farm enriched by forest ecosystem services

AUG 4, 2004: Greens call EC's GMO approval procedure 'undemocratic'

AUG 3, 2004: Bioengineered potatoes head to China

AUG 3, 2004: Biodiesel popularity on the rise

AUG 2, 2004: GMO crop vote off in North Dakota, on in California

AUG 2, 2004: UK acreage under organic productions grows, DEFRA reports

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JULY 31, 2004: WTO approves plan to end farm export subsidies

JULY 30, 2004: West Bank and Gaza farm rehabilitation funded

JULY 30, 2004: EC may challenge Austrian and Grecian bans on GM foods

JULY 29, 2004: Biotech giants duel

JULY 29, 2004: Federal panel urges fresh scrutiny of altered foods

JULY 28, 2004: Survey shows GM ingredients rare fare in Europe's supermarkets

JULY 28, 2004: FDA says Monsanto biotech wheat safe for consumers

JULY 28, 2004: Russia bans Finnish/Swedish poultry after disease outbreak

JULY 27, 2004: Asian poultry not welcome in Europe for another 5 months

JULY 27, 2004: EPA faces lawsuit over impact of pesticides on salmon

JULY 26, 2004: Americans not eating enough fruits, vegetables, USDA reports

JULY 26, 2004: Report says USDA overrun by corporate interests

JULY 26, 2004: Loopholes in mad cow testing favor meat processors

JULY 26, 2004: In Japan, point, shoot to be an informed consumer

JULY 23, 2004: Weather forcasts signal drier times ahead

JULY 23, 2004: Peanuts have new pesticide to protect them from deadly fungus

JULY 22, 2004: Farmer survey gives insite into the U.S. organic market

JULY 22, 2004: Chicken processor fires 11 based on animal abuse video

JULY 22, 2004: Deadly Afghan floods, earthquake, destroy harvest

JULY 22, 2004: EC report: Ireland not testing for chemical residue on food

JULY 21, 2004: Bird flu's back in Indonesia

JULY 21, 2004: Critical deadline looms in WTO talks

JULY 20, 2004: USDA-Black Farmers Civil Rights Settlement fails

JULY 20, 2004: Changing the EU sugar regime gets sticky

JULY 20, 2004: Europe approves Monsanto Roundup Ready corn for animal feed

JULY 20, 2004: EU Trade Commissioner travels to Turkey to talk beef

JULY 20, 2004: Europe approves Monsanto Roundup Ready corn for animal feed

JULY 20, 2004: National animal ID system starts with premises registration

JULY 19, 2004: Hidden camera reveals abuse in poultry factory

JULY 19, 2004: USDA audit reveals meat recalls may not be effective

JULY 19, 2004: Ag department releases dry milk as cattle feed

JULY 19, 2004: Sri Lankan produce growers eye European market

JULY 19, 2004: New markets for UK farmers—schools

JULY 16, 2004: Organic sprouts contaminated with salmonella

JULY 15, 2004: Demand for organic milk will meet supply by 2006, analysts say

JULY 15, 2004: House clears U.S. - Australia free trade agreement

JULY 14, 2004: Argentina approves GM-corn for planting

JULY 14, 2004: Slovakia faces butter shortages after joining EU

JULY 14, 2004: South Africa may test first 'pharming' crop

JULY 12, 2004: Global trade talks show signs of faltering

JULY 12, 2004: India reiterates stance on agriculture at pre-WTO meeting

JULY 12, 2004: Bird flu resurfaces in Asia, threatens human health

JULY 12, 2004: Mad cow animal feed protections postponed

JULY 8, 2004: Texas ranch infested with weed from hell

JULY 7, 2004: Idaho's first wind farmer showcases its possiblities

JULY 7, 2004: Robot farmers smaller, smarter

JULY 7, 2004: Japan moves to block false organic claims

JULY 6, 2004: Cadbury Nigeria hopes cocoa gift will yield better chocolate

JULY 5, 2004: German insurance industry refuses to cover biotech crops

JULY 2, 2004: Biotech firm finds Midwest fields are friendlier

JULY 2, 2004: Syngenta to move labs to U.S.

JULY 2, 2004: WTO ag talks moving forward, chair reports

JULY 1, 2004: Second cow not mad after all

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JUNE 30, 2004: New bird-flu outbreak reported in Vietnam

JUNE 30, 2004: Europe's soyfoods market grows to $1.8 bn

JUNE 30, 2004: Seed-saving legislation in under consideration at federal, state levels

JUNE 29, 2004: Yeast plus agricultural wastes equals ethanol

JUNE 29, 2004: EU deadlocked on GMO's

JUNE 29, 2004: One for, One against: Kenya's elite way in on GM crops

JUNE 28, 2004: European beef to keep individual nationalities

JUNE 28, 2004: Could UK beef be back? Producers begin to hope again

JUNE 28, 2004: Spain's 2004 olive oil harvest tramples 03's numbers

JUNE 28, 2004: Second U.S. mad cow suspected

JUNE 25, 2004: Spain questions scientific advice on GMO crops

JUNE 25, 2004: Drought: Conservation reserves opened for emergency grazing

JUNE 24, 2004: Economic agency predicts long-term decline for ag prices

JUNE 24, 2004: More California counties move to ban biotech crops

JUNE 24, 2004: Farm to School lobby gets beneficial move from Congress

JUNE 24, 2004: FAO director general defends the groups' pro-GM views

JUNE 22, 2004: While U.S. slips, Russia regains its foothold in the global wheat market

JUNE 22, 2004: Famine to Feast: China's attempt to feed itself roils wheat trade

JUNE 22, 2004: Questionable levels of perchlorate found in California milk

JUNE 22, 2004: Human form of mad cow disease claims first U.S. victim

JUNE 22, 2004: Monsanto pulls applications for GM wheat except in U.S.

JUNE 22, 2004: West African leaders embrace U.S. biotechnology

JUNE 18, 2004: Creeping desertification: the cause and consequence of poverty

JUNE 18, 2004: Easing of pesticide rules draws congressional protest

JUNE 18, 2004: Oversight of transgenic plants, animals sought in new bill

JUNE 18, 2004: World bamboo diversity falling to deforestation

JUNE 17, 2004: EU: Monsanto's GM canola fails to move scientific panel

June 16, 2004: Facilitating global trade in organics

JUNE 16, 2004: USDA calls French fries fresh vegetables

JUNE 15, 2004: GMO testing brings bio-terrorism charges against Buffalo artist

JUNE 15, 2004: U.S. streets, parking lots, buildings would cover Ohio

JUNE 14, 2004: National hotline unveiled for the Conservation Security Program

JUNE 14, 2004: Local, organic not important in food, Norwegians say

JUNE 14, 2004: Taiwan prepared to bring back U.S. beef

JUNE 14, 2004: From an Indian village: Greening the grassroots

JUNE 14, 2004: Corn farmer survey shows strong support for wind energy

JUNE 12, 2004: Natural, organic food retailer sets green mission for itself

JUNE 10, 2004: New partnership brings sustainable forest and farm products to market

JUNE 10, 2004: EU takes action to stregthen organic farming

JUNE 9, 2004: Prepacked fruit lacking in vitamins - report

JUNE 9, 2004: Biotechnology industry showcases money, political clout

JUNE 9, 2004: Organic product sales show strong growth in 2003

JUNE 8, 2004: Cargill pinpoints desirability in cow genome

JUNE 7, 2004: Are chemicals hiding in your makeup?

JUNE 7, 2004: Poll: Voters want fuel economy, ethanol, hydrogen

JUNE 7, 2004: New land use standards offset global warming with sensitivity

JUNE 7, 2004: BSE testing oversights lead to full FSA investigation

JUNE 6, 2004: Tennessee farmer appeals ruling in Monsanto lawsuit

JUNE 4, 2004: MU first in Midwest to offer sustainable agriculture degree

JUNE 4, 2004: Bayer backs out; GM canola's leaving New South Wales

JUNE 4, 2004: The age of renewables has arrived

JUNE 3, 2004: EU continues toward tariff-only import system for bananas

JUNE 3, 2004: Biodiesel business booms

JUNE 3, 2004: Ag department keeps secrets of biopharm crops

JUNE 3, 2004: U.S. to disclose more information about pharm crops

JUNE 2, 2004: California Assembly backs 'Safe School Lunch Act'

JUNE 2, 2004: Sainsbury's will stock GM-free milk

JUNE 1, 2004: Eco-tourism comes to Portugal

JUNE 1, 2004: New DNA test promises accurate labeling of Basmati rice

JUNE 1, 2004: Russia lowers label threshold for GM material in food

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MAY 28, 2004: Raw almond recall

MAY 28, 2004: Pilgrim’s Pride chicken farm gets the flu

MAY 28, 2004: Asian food safety standards need overhaul, say FAO, WHO

MAY 26, 2004: NOP Guidance Statements overturned by Ag secretary

MAY 24, 2004: Iowa’s packer ban will get its day in court

MAY 24, 2004: USDA to talk poultry with Russia—hopefully this week

MAY 21, 2004: McDonald's New Zealand agrees to GM-free chicken

MAY 21, 2004: Belgium free-range eggs recalled

MAY 21, 2004: In seed saving case Canada's top court finds for Monsanto

MAY 21, 2004: US, Japan hopeful the beef will be back by end of summer

MAY 21, 2004: Black cherry tree farming in Allegheny forest appealed

MAY 21, 2004: Irradiated food barred from DC school lunches

MAY 20, 2004: Injunction banning pesticides near salmon streams upheld

MAY 19, 2004: USDA to leave most farmers out of Conservation Security Program; watersheds selected

MAY 19, 2004: Chicken is the big winner in the war on carbs

May 18, 2004: Organics program weakened under Bush administration changes, activists say

MAY 18, 2004: Epicyte Pharmaceutical joins failing-biotech row

MAY 18, 2004: U.S. cattle brains to be burned as fuel

MAY 18, 2004: Nepal authorizes wildlife farming for conservation

MAY 17, 2004: Livestock lobby wields its influence to soften air quality regulations

MAY 16, 2004: EU capitulates on biotech corn

MAY 14, 2004: China's ag trade: 10 years $20bn dollars

MAY 14, 2004: Ag secretary funds bird flu control and prevention

MAY 13, 2004: Chronic wasting disease transmitted via environment

MAY 12, 2004: Americans carry toxic pesticide cocktail in their blood

MAY 12, 2004: Monsanto abandons transgenic Australian canola

MAY 12, 2004: Americans carry toxic pesticide cocktail in their blood

MAY 11, 2004: Tough non-road diesel rule cuts sulfur 99 percent

MAY 11, 2004: Monsanto chops GM wheat plans

MAY 11, 2004: Bayer urged to heed chicken antibiotic ban

MAY 11, 2004: Asian beetle pesters U.S. ornamental tree industry

MAY 11, 2004: Intensive farming could harm EU's eastern birds

MAY 11, 2004: In Italy, transgenic soy uncovered in planned GE-free zone

MAY 6, 2004: Canadian company starts production of ethanol from cellulose

MAY 5, 2004: Farmers, ranchers can apply for renewable energy grants

MAY 5, 2004: UC Davis to help promote biotech crops

MAY 5, 2004: Milk prices to soar just as ice cream cravings hit

MAY 5, 2004: Mad cow may have slipped through crack in testing

MAY 4, 2004: A relaxed relationship with Cuba has dairy's eyes on a new market

MAY 2, 2004: Illinois' first wind farm opens

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APR 30, 2004: Valuable Afghani farmlands washed away

APR 30, 2004: EU readies new members with GMO testing facilities

APR 30, 2004: Norwegian grower's fountain of youth for vegetables

APR 30, 2004: EU halts trade with countries using unsustainable fishing practicing

APR 29, 2004: Stalled ag-trade talks up and running again, report WTO delegates

APR 29, 2004: Ag exports reach record high despite on-going restrictions

APR 28, 2004: Canada's bird flu woes closes in on U.S. border

APR 28, 2004: US seeks $1.8bn for losses caused by EU GM ban

APR 28, 2004: National animal identification system started

APR 27, 2004: San Francisco school board bans irradiated food from school lunch program

APR 27, 2004: Mississippi farmer gets break in Monsanto biotech seed case

APR 27, 2004: Kraft's investors voice concern over use of GM ingredients

APR 27, 2004: U.S loses subsidy battle over cotton

APR 26, 2004: Bird flu continues to beat up western Canada

APR 26, 2004: Judge clears Tyson of cattle price fixing

APR 23, 2004: Vermont governor signs GMO bill into law

APR 22, 2004: Biotechnology produces auto fuel from wheat straw

APR 22, 2004: Weed expert warns of increasing occurrences of super-weeds

APR 21, 2004: Squeezing the maximum food from each drop of water

APR 21, 2004: Venezuelan President bans cultivation of GM crops

APR 20, 2004: Years of research produce bigger, heavier bagel peach

APR 20, 2004: Kraft's profits drop 34%

APR 20, 2004: USDA announces $4.7 m for organic research, education and extension

APR 20, 2004: Israeli consumers buck big-food trend, return to smaller stores

APR 20, 2004: Farm group highlights organic imports by UK supermarkets; seek local supply

APR 19, 2004: Nepal police nab former ministers in food sovereignty sit-in

APR 19, 2004: Compost Tea Task Force releases long-awaited recommendation

APR 19, 2004: Food industry dreads European labeling rules

APR 19, 2004: The sad saga of Ignacio Chapela

APR 16, 2004: Iowa seminar explores goat meat production for niche markets

APR 15, 2004: USDA contributes 8.8m to livestock disease research

APR 15, 2004: Syngenta gets fifth Bt gene patent

APR 15, 2004: Beef producer's bid to test all its cattle for BSE denied

APR 14, 2004: World health agencies back global rules regulating antibiotics in feed

APR 13, 2004: Chinese farmers pay price in drive to build golf centers

APR 13, 2004: British Columbia's poultry farms officially under state of emergency

APR 13, 2004: Japan v. U.S. beef is benefiting Aussie, NZ ranchers

APR 12: Vermont House gives nod to labeling of GM seeds

APR 11: California regulators derail biotech company's rice plans

APR 9, 2004: Possibility of pharmaceutical rice in California draws mixed reactions from farmers

APR 8, 2004: U.S. doesn't want to see spread of Europe-style GMO labeling laws

APR 8, 2004: All agree GM-regulations should be adopted and uniform

APR 8, 2004: Puzzle of corn's origins coming together

APR 7, 2004: A cheese from any other region is not Parmesan

APR 7, 2004: Experts: Columbia basin irrigation must balance salmon needs

APR 6, 2004: Soybean prices up and so are grocery bills

APR 6, 2004: Demand for Brazilian beef blamed for Amazon deforestation

APR 6, 2004: Canada hopes massive cull will stop bird flu spread

APR 5, 2004: Walnuts get the backing of the FDA

APR 2, 2004: Hoosier farmers show resistance to biotech corn

APR 2, 2004: UN human rights expert criticizes WTO on agricultural trade

APR 2, 2004: Italy speaks out against genetically engineered wheat

APR 2, 2004: USDA calls for comments on BSE safety methods

APR 1, 2004: Japanese farmer arrested over bird flu

APR 1, 2004: Monsanto denied request for large GM crop trial in Australia

APR 1, 2004: Biotech regulation falls short, says Pew report

APR 1, 2004: Dean Foods eyes two bottling plants and 85-90% of New York's milk money

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MAR 31, 2004: Bayer gives up on GM maize in the UK

MAR 31, 2004: Efforts to ban genetically engineered crops spreading in California

MAR 31, 2004: ARS announces 4 new plants to consider for the 2004 planting season

MAR 30, 2004: Tyson execs under investigation by the SEC

MAR 30, 2004: Rich nations gobbling resources at an unsustainable rate

MAR 30, 2004: California Rice Commission approves genetically engineered rice

MAR 29, 2004: 2003 record year for fair trade coffee

MAR 29, 2004: Newborns benefit from bans on two insecticides

MAR 29, 2004: Global methyl bromide exemptions over 13,000 tons

MAR 29, 2004: Canada confirms human case of bird flu

MAR 26, 2004: USDA mulls private sector BSE testing as answer to Japan trade demands

MAR 26, 2004: Ag department issues animal disease response CD

MAR 26, 2004: Soybean prices hit 15-year high

MAR 26, 2004: Two Australian states saying not yet to GM crops

MAR 25, 2004: New York spends $6 million on farm runoff management

MAR 25, 2004: Bulgarian GMO protesters: Third world war comes in your plate

MAR 25, 2004: 365,000 birds culled as bird flu spread in Canada

MAR 24, 2004: Iowa Senator wants USDA to block Brazil soy imports

MAR 24, 2004: Judge says $1.28bn too much in Tyson case; Verdict sparks legislation change

MAR 23, 2004: EU extends ban on U.S. poultry through April

MAR 23, 2004: Expanded EU brings new markets to banana producers

MAR 23, 2004: Report accuses USDA of censoring climate facts

MAR 23, 2004: Canada announces $995 million in transition assistance for farmers

MAR 22, 2004: EU extends ban on U.S. poultry through April

MAR 22, 2004: Widening probe of Monsanto's Indonesia practices

MAR 22, 2004: Canada announces $995 million in transition assistance for farmers

MAR 19, 2004: Opposition to GE wheat growing, says Canadian Wheat Board

MAR 19, 2004: Pizza sales soar in Thailand

MAR 17, 2004: In Asia, bird flu claims another life, four more farms

MAR 17, 2004: New brief: Beef from cloned cattle enters Japanese market

MAR 17, 2004: Judge upholds FDA decision to ban poultry antibiotic

MAR 16, 2004: Monsanto raises idea of U.S.-only GMO wheat release

MAR 16, 2004: USDA will expand BSE testing for one year

MAR 15, 2004: Many countries would rather not import GM wheat, USDA survey finds

MAR 13, 2004: Cargill, one other processor to pay $24 million settlement in price fixing lawsuit

MAR 12, 2004: EU food and animal feed controls under scrutiny as food health scares persist

MAR 12, 2004: Mexico, cradle of corn, at risk from U.S. biotech varieties

MAR 12, 2004: Vermont Senate votes to hold biotech firms liable

MAR 12, 2004: The bird flu's back in Thailand

MAR 11, 2004: FSA calls for greater responsibility in food advertising to children

MAR 11, 2004: Texas rancher praised for protection of rare toad

MAR 10, 2004: Senate passes food allergen labelling act

MAR 10, 2004: Poultry ban updates: Russia expands; Mexico restricts

MAR 10, 2004: Canadian birds sicker than first thought

MAR 9, 2004: Court orders Florida to rein in dairy farm pollution

MAR 9, 2004: Report: One-sixth of UK food budgets go toward packaging

MAR 9, 2004: UK: GM crops get go ahead

MAR 8, 2004: Canadian government buys greenhouse gas emission cuts

MAR 8, 2004: U.S. BSE causes a rise then fall for Australian beef exports

MAR 5, 2004: Dairy farmers win back their freedom of speech

MAR 5, 2004: Survey: Many areas still need addressed in organic livestock research

MAR 4, 2004: Afghani farmers try to stop the rot

MAR 4, 2004: Filipino islanders blame GM crop for illness; Monsanto denies claim

MAR 4, 2004: Some U.S. beef allowed back into Mexico

MAR 4, 2004: Bee shortage buzzes up price of hive rental in almond orchards

MAR 3: Supreme Court urged to reconsider family-farm-friendly "Amendment E"

MAR 3, 2004: Mendocino County voters give nod to biotech ban

MAR 3, 2004: Dakota Beef signs deal for organic baby food

MAR 2, 2004: Mendocino measure focuses debate over biotech crops

MAR 2, 2004: Disease outbreaks halting a third of global meat exports-FAO

MAR 2, 2004: Herbicide paraquat lands in European court

MAR 2, 2004: European panel okays GMO rapeseed for human consumption

MAR 1, 2004: UK grocer to introduce multi-benefit black tomato

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FEB 27, 2004: California farm pollution waiver challenged in court

FEB 27, 2004: U.S. dumping of five major export commodities continues to be widespread

FEB 27, 2004: Biosafety Protocol: Transgenic shipments must be identified

FEB 26, 2004: GM industry should fund cost of contamination says UK government

FEB 25, 2004: Senate panel wrestles with impact of mad cow disease

FEB 25, 2004: Ohio egg producer settles Clean Air violations

FEB 24, 2004: Supreme Court urged to reconsider family-farm-friendly "Amendment E"

FEB 24, 2004: World animal welfare standards under negotiation

FEB 24, 2004: Genetically engineered DNA found in traditional U.S. crops

FEB 24, 2004: Texas chickens infected with bird flu

FEB 23, 2004: Mad cow animal testing program to be expanded

FEB 23, 2004: Latest BSE-positive cow makes ten for Japan

FEB 20, 2004: CAP support payment reform could disadvantage organic farmers

FEB 20, 2004: Welsh organic lands, challenges keeps growing

FEB 20, 2004: Price no longer top factor in food purchases

FEB 20, 2004: Bird flu lands in Canada

FEB 20, 2004: China to allow imports of some Monsanto biotech food, cotton imports

FEB 19, 2004: Leaked report indicates GM-crops a go in UK

FEB 19, 2004: WHO warns, battle against avian flu is not over yet

FEB 18, 2004: Jury finds Tyson guilty of cattle price-fixing

FEB 18, 2004: U.S. opens biotech regulation website and plant database

FEB 18, 2004: EU races to thwart influx of GM food from east

FEB 18, 2004: EU vote on biotech cultivation yields no decision, again

FEB 17, 2004: More than 24 million organic hectares worldwide

FEB 17, 2004: U.S. looks for a food-friendly free-trade agreement with Thailand

FEB 17, 2004: Farmers nervous over avian flu outbreak; Complete list of countries banning U.S. poultry

FEB 16, 2004: Pennsylvania reports the avian flu

FEB 13, 2004: Ireland to establish 7 organic demonstration farms

FEB 12, 2004: Rust threatens the ornamental plant industry

FEB 11, 2004: Germany's new GMO law fails to appease either side of the argument

FEB 11, 2004: Bird flu found in two Delaware poultry flocks

FEB 11, 2004: U.S. Australia trade pact may have environmental costs

FEB 10, 2004: Ag department doles out emergency conservation funds

FEB 10, 2004: U.S. calls off search for mad cows

FEB 9, 2004: Fruit thinners face elevated pesticide risk

FEB 9, 2004: Serious concern about farm community's 'disappearing middle'

FEB 2, 2004: Obesity costing America a hefty $75bn a year

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JAN 27, 2004: EU farm commissioner warns: GM-contamination inevitable

JAN 27, 2004: U.S. struggles to assure Japan over mad cow disease

JAN 26, 2004: Human deaths from bird flu raise fear of global outbreak

JAN 26, 2004: Monsanto wants grower backing before it continues with transgenic wheat research

JAN 26, 2004: Market analysts predict BSE will cost U.S. $5.5bn

JAN 23, 2004: Starbucks loan supports environmentally friendly coffee

JAN 23, 2004: USDA orders environmental evaluation of transgenic plants, animals

JAN 22, 2004: Public support for current trade policy modest and declining

JAN 20, 2004: High levels of arsenic found in chicken

JAN 19, 2004: U.S., Canada, Mexico agree to jointly eradicate mad cow

JAN 19, 2004: Country-of-origin label opponents volunteer a compromise

JAN 15, 2004: East Asian poultry economy suffering from flu

JAN 14, 2004: UK deems LibertyLink rice safe for processing, animal feed

JAN 14, 2004: Monsanto, Agriculture Canada still working on RR wheat

JAN 14, 2004: McDonald's hopes to lure back Japanese consumers with free burgers

JAN 13, 2004: Mad Cow puts one in five Americans off their beef

JAN 13, 2004: Mad cow risk global due to animal products trade

JAN 9, 2004: European Commission to hold hearing on organic food, farming

JAN 9, 2004: Feds slaughter herd to quell mad cow fear

JAN 8, 2004: Cloning a cow impervious to mad cow disease

JAN 8, 2004: Michigan Dairy settles manure case with EPA, Sierra Club

JAN 8, 2004: Company urges farmers to try growing field peas

JAN 8, 2004: New turbine farm puffed as future of wind energy

JAN 7, 2004: ATTRA announces new resource for mad cow information

JAN 7, 2004: Tests confirm mad cow came from Canada

JAN 7, 2004: Brazil, US should resolve ag subsidy problem, says official

JAN 7, 2004: EPA denies petition to ban sewage sludge on farmland

JAN 7, 2004: Mad cow leads to renewed push for country-of-origin labeling

JAN 5, 2004: Grazing rules may cause short term harm to public lands

JAN 2, 2004: U.S. bans downer cattle for human consumption

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Research Updates 2004

DEC 15: Vitamin E in nuts, seeds blocks cancer cell growth

DEC 8: Iowa farmers think triticale could be a viable alternative to oats

NOV 29: Organic farming is a winner for sustainability

29 noviembre: La cultivación orgánica ofrece buena sostenibilidad

NOV 19: Organic milk boasts higher vitamin E and carotenoid levels

NOV 19: An apple a day keeps Alzheimer's away

NOV 4: New lures to doom crop-damaging caterpillars

NOV 4: Fungus found to fight coffee berry bugs

OCT 21: Pumpkins can clean up toxic soils

OCT 14: Organic farming fully compatible with secure, healthy regional food systems, Austrian researchers find

OCT 14: Fungus provides varroa mite relief for bees

SEPT 30: A grazing strategy for small dairy farms

30 de septiembre: Una estrategia de apacentamiento para las granjas lecheras pequeñas

SEPT 29: Study finds eating almonds ups other nutrient levels

SEPT 10: Rose gardens make fruit orchards more inviting to friendly wasps

SEPT 10: Mulch changes tomato gene activity

AUG 31: Deciphering decline in grape vineyards

AUG 24: Three more weeds refuse to obey the new chemical order

AUG 17: Whole-farm nutrient budgets to assess pollution

AUG 16: Extending the growing season. . . and the storage life of your harvested produce

JULY 29: Research shows microbiological contamination of organic produce is low

JULY 27: Researchers reveal benefits of photorespiration

JULY 22: Studies show: Healthy diets, healthy brains

JULY 20: Mini melons

JULY 12: Computer models help guide ethanol production research

JULY 7: Genetics underscore mites' promise as climbing fern foe

JULY 1: Compost technology continues to evolve

JUNE 17: Sorghum—the next new wave in grains?

17 de junio: Sorgo -- ¿el próximo favorito entre los granos?

JUNE 10: New 'high-vigor' wheat beats weeds at their own game

JUNE 8: Continual fertilizing, not cows, is the problem on sensitive pastures

JUNE 8: Fertilizar continuamente, no las vacas, es el problema en los pastos sensibles

JUNE 6: New USDA lab to study stress indicators in livestock

JUNE 4: Salsa's super spice shows promise easing food posioning

JUNE 3: New USDA lab to study stress indicators in livestock

JUNE 3: Food additives linked to hyperactivity in children

JUNE 1: Crop productivity products don’t always work – but need more evaluation

MAY 27: Research scientists spin feathers into gold

MAY 6: Researchers find clues to pesticide resistance

MAY 6: Helping beneficial fungi work

MAY 6: Ayudando a los hongos beneficiosos a trabajar

MAY 3: A little creek that could help repair waterways

APR 28: Bacterial proteins combat Campylobacte

APR 19: Intercropping corn/legumes increases economic yield in tropical small-scale ag

APR 14: New tests for detecting livestock growth promoter

ABR 14: Ensayos nuevos para detectar un promotor de crecimiento en el ganado

APR 8: Things in whey: biodegradable plastic from cheese-making waste

APR 7: New study suggests love of chocolate starts in the womb

APR 2: One more time, BSE risks from older cattle slight

APR 1: New on-farm organic matter test is a superior measure of soil quality

MAR 23: 11 million American's suffering from food allergies

MAR 19: Study shows farm workers have reduced neurobehavioral performance from pesticide exposure

MAR 12: Research show organic milk rich in good fat

MAR 3: New approach to controlling E. coli in pigs

MAR 3: Scientists study benefits of pasture plant diversity on dairy production

FEB 24: With just a sprinkle, plants soak up more selenium

FEB 24: Reviewing organic cultivars, minimizing weed seed banks and the downside of conventional corn

FEB 20: Milk, it's not just for the bones, it's also for the waistline

FEB 13: Spanish research finds organic cereal more profitable

FEB 13: Life cycle analysis of a crop system, Part 2

FEB 2, 2004: Bacteria-fungi combo could boost pea growth

JAN 26, 2004: Eggplants earn new respect for high antioxidant levels

JAN 22, 2004: Life cycle analysis of a crop system, Part 1

JAN 12, 2004: Milk shows promise on wheat mildew

JAN 2, 2004: The costs of more humane pork production