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DEC 31, 2003: Oakhurst to alter its label

DEC 31, 2003: Mendocino County: Judge OKs GM-crop ban vote

DEC 31, 2003: Imported soybeans bring Asian Rust worries

DEC 31, 2003: Swiss promote organic cotton production in Kyrgyzstan

DEC 30, 2003: Study shows Canadian organic beef sales surge, BSE credited

DEC 30, 2003: Mad cow meat sent to 42 additional locales

DEC 30, 2003: Dietary supplements for calves may spread BSE

DEC 25, 2003: Mad Cow fears lead growing list of nations to halt beef imports

DEC 24, 2003: The mad cow that stole Christmas

DEC 22, 2003: Europe adopts strong stance on GM coexistence, seeds and liability

DEC 19, 2003: U.S. losing war against invasive species

DEC 19, 2003: China tightens food safety regulations in response to epidemic poisonings

DEC 19, 2003: The true price of prawns

DEC 19, 2003: Italy to set up tighter barriers against GMO imports

DEC 18, 2003: Farmer-owned pork processor files for bankruptcy

DEC 16, 2003: Monsanto lawsuit against Oakhurst attracts criticism

DEC 15, 2003: Poultry processors face class action suit

DEC 15, 2003: World Trade talks to restart, peasants want WTO off the farm

DEC 15, 2003: England's protected sites overgrazed, polluted

DEC 14, 2003: Colorado courts French biotech company

DEC 13, 2003: India announces its first organic state

DEC 12, 2003: Europe shelters bees from invasive parasites

DEC 12, 2003: Congress sets conditions for aerial fumigation in Colombia

DEC 11, 2003: Federal grants fund wines, foods, energy, forest products

DEC 10, 2003: EU again rejects end to biotech ban

DEC 10, 2003: Citizens' right to sue upheld in pesticide case

DEC 9, 2003: U.S. caterer asks poultry suppliers to hold the antibiotics

DEC 8, 2003: Australian company's GM-claims ruffle feathers

DEC 8, 2003: Split decision leaves Europe's GM future in the air

DEC 8, 2003: Organic Valley achieves record growth in 2003

DEC 6, 2003: U.S. panel orders small producer added to grid

DEC 3, 2003: 165 organizations sign letter to President Bush regarding labeling law

DEC 1, 2003: 'Locally-grown' beats organic in consumer survey

DEC 1, 2003: USDA proposes exempting organic producers from promotion assessments

DEC 1, 2003: CSP receives 41 million from Congress

DEC 1, 2003: Brazil government studies ways to segregate GM, non-GM soybeans

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NOV 30, 2003: Agriculture Canada could get GM wheat royalty

NOV 28, 2003: Informed consent treaty for hazardous chemicals to become law

NOV 28, 2003: Italians choosing organic more when dining out

NOV 26, 2003: Organic Rice Festival highlights grain's rich history

NOV 26, 2003: NFU mails "relaxation" CDs to help calm tense turkeys

NOV 25, 2003: Energy bill stalled until 2004

NOV 25, 2003: GM-crops increasing pesticide use in the US; Iowa farmers log GM complaints

NOV 24, 2003: Tyson Foods to start monitoring animal's well-being

NOV 24, 2003: Sustainable pork producers benefit from 'Walmart' effect

NOV 24, 2003: Taiwanese company adds organic delivery option

NOV 24, 2003: NFU continues fight for COOL amid threats

NOV 21, 2003: Vietnam's Organic Grapes™

NOV 21, 2003: EPA files clean air complaint against Ohio farm

NOV 21, 2003: Conservationists blast timber industry's Sustainable Forestry

NOV 21, 2003: Free trade framework gets approval in Miami

NOV 21, 2003: EU delays implementation of new egg marketing laws

NOV 20, 2003: Senators from both parties criticize energy legislation

NOV 20, 2003: Organic tropical fruit production economic opportunity for developing nations

NOV 19, 2003: Report finds few benefits for Mexico in NAFTA

NOV 18, 2003: Researchers aim to heat homes with soybeans

NOV 18, 2003: Green groups sue USDA to stop bio-pharm planting

NOV 17, 2003: Pesticides pervade homes of farm workers' children

NOV 17, 2003: California cars prepare to cruise on manure

NOV 17, 2003: Maryland counties might see less money for farm preservation

NOV 14, 2003: U.S. demand for methyl bromide blocks ozone accord

NOV 13, 2003: USDA rules rule: organic certifiers denied option of appeal

NOV 13, 2003: Ag futures: China to remain largest soybean buyer, Brazil largest exporter

NOV 13, 2003: White House sued for atrazine documents

NOV 12, 2003: U.S., Mexico sign pact to cooperate on agricultural research

NOV 11, 2003: Vegetables, fruits keep the doctors away

NOV 10, 2003: FDA has approved new addition to GM-arsenal

NOV 9, 2003: Lawmakers visit Monsanto plant

NOV 9, 2003: UK to fight European embargo on GM corn

NOV 7, 2003: Congo president faults U.S. farm subsidies

NOV 7, 2003: In Australia, GM crop resists poison, breaks fence

NOV 5, 2003: Study commissioned on biotech cotton crop failure in India

NOV 5, 2003: Rapid industry growth leads New Zealand to develop national organic standards

NOV 5, 2003: Sustainable cocoa for West Africa goal of development groups

NOV 5, 2003: Canadian growers warn UK farmers of GMO crop risks

NOV 5, 2003: Government policy major barrier to sustainable practices

NOV 3, 2003: In Australia, organic contamination or old information?

NOV 3, 2003: No new restrictions for Atrazine

NOV 3, 2003: Two Oklahoma towns blown away by wind farm benefits

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OCT 31, 2003: Organic market to grow but to sustain greater focus needed on education

OCT 31, 2003: Poland rejects CAP concessions

OCT 30, 2003: New Zealand agrees to GM crop trials as two-year ban ends

OCT 30, 2003: Brazil states offer own not-so-GM-friendly readings of lifted moratorium

OCT 30, 2003: Public interest lobby group objects to biotech experiments

OCT 30, 2003: New York volunteer farmers paid to improve waterways

OCT 29, 2003: Monsanto puts $40m Argentine investment on hold

OCT 29, 2003: Albania's Green Party: Stop import of biotech crops

OCT 28, 2003: EU postpones vote on acceptable GM levels

OCT 28, 2003: Three food firms win China's first green biz competition

OCT 24, 2003: Industry funded research on the rise at U.S. universities

OCT 23, 2003: Russia mandates all GM products be labelled

OCT 23, 2003: Farmers, labor team up to make trade a campaign issue

OCT 23, 2003: Group names most-contaminated produce

OCT 22, 2003: Court rules pork checkoff unconstitutional

OCT 22, 2003: Argentina and Brazil align to fight U.S. trade policy

OCT 22, 2003: Deputy mayor promises Londoners more farmer's markets

OCT 21, 2003: China to put corn into gas tanks to clean up

OCT 21, 2003: EU won't buy US wheat if biotech varieties grown

OCT 21, 2003: UK's largest farming group rejects GMOs on strength of consumer resistance

OCT 20, 2003: USDA says listeria contamination decreased 25% in past year

OCT 17, 2003: Campbell's Soup introduces its first organic product

OCT 15, 2003: Ozone can harm soil

OCT 15, 2003: Survey finds many Americans unaware they eat GM foods

OCT 14, 2003: More Americans eating organic food according to survey

OCT 14, 2003: FDA database reveals 300 U.S. companies violated mad cow rules

OCT 13, 2003: Smithfield triumphs in bid for Farmland

OCT 12, 2003: Biotech crop trial flaws problematic for UK govt

OCT 10, 2003: Hungry Africa strives to harmonize GMO policies

OCT 10, 2003: Ireland: Strong retail sales move organic to ag front

OCT 10, 2003: Danish organics success may ebb as market approaches "normal"

OCT 10, 2003: Boost for Tasmania's organics industry

OCT 9, 2003: Ontario Liberal landslide could benefit the environment

OCT 9, 2003: EPA petitioned to ban land application of sewage sludge

OCT 8, 2003: Kraft sips sustainable coffee

OCT 8, 2003: Profits from intellectual property overtake Roundup herbicide income

OCT 8, 2003: Spain's producing but not buying organic food

OCT 7, 2003: UK organization finds no insurance for biotech crops

OCT 7, 2003: Japan reports new form of Mad Cow disease

OCT 7, 2003: EPA shifts interpretation of law to limit lawsuits against pesticide makers

OCT 6, 2003: Organic certification costs defrayed in 15 US States

OCT 6, 2003: Scientists hone on modifying crop height

OCT 6, 2003: Herbicide paraquat approved for sale in Europe

OCT 3, 2003: U.S. furthers CAFTA by supporting organic and humane products

OCT 3, 2003: GM crops fail key trials amid environment fear

OCT 3, 2003: U.S. farmers battle food companies over contracting

OCT 2, 2003: Judge rejects class action against seed producers

OCT 2, 2003: Canada publishes the benefits of whole grains

OCT 2, 2003: Sanyo's latest release - new corn CD

OCT 1, 2003: Foreign investors eye Chinese farming

OCT 1, 2003: Italian fiber producer takes chitin to chic

OCT 1, 2003: India reveals National Institute devoted to organic farming

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SEPT 30, 2003: Ag options to help US farmers slow global warming, earn a profit

SEPT 29, 2003: More mums choosing only organic for their babies

SEPT 29, 2003: Top GM food company abandons British crop trials

SEPT 29, 2003: Senate seeks to clear grazing from environmental review

SEPT 29, 2003: Draft EPA deal gives factory farms a pass on air pollution

SEPT 26, 2003: NAFTA commission may ban Lindane in North America

SEPT 26, 2003: In California, budget cuts leave sustainable ag groups fending off the ax

SEPT 26, 2003: British public uneasy about transgenic crops

SEPT 25, 2003: Upland, coastal forested areas play important food roles, FAO says

SEPT 25, 2003: Economists warn U.S. could become agricultural importer

SEPT 24, 2003: Judge allows antitrust case against seed producers

SEPT 24, 2003: Fake meat raises allergy concern, advocacy group says

SEPT 24, 2003: Brazil approves planting of GM soybeans

SEPT 24, 2003: Iraqi harvest up but half the people still hungry

SEPT 24, 2003: Organic Valley butter wins first place at World Dairy Expo

SEPT 24, 2003: US National Organic Standards Board to meet

SEPT 22, 2003: Colorado Department of Ag donates certification to Boulder youth program

SEPT 22, 2003: Midwestern soils at risk of extinction

SEPT 22, 2003: Law regulating groundwater pollutants proposed for Europe

SEPT 19, 2003: Organic food grows in popularity in Czech Republic

SEPT 18, 2003: GM food battle moves to Russia

SEPT 18: E. coli contamination on the decline

SEPT 17, 2003: Japanese make nutritional fashion statement

SEPT 17, 2003: Polluted fruit leads Thailand to winnow pesticide use

SEPT 15: Cargill shows interest in Farmland Foods, $385m worth

SEPT 15: New lawsuits filed to tighten pesticide regulation

SEPT 15: FDA rules milk can not be labeled hormone-free

SEPT 15: Fair trade coffee perks up with Procter & Gamble decision

SEPT 15, 2003: Danish water contaminated by round-up, ban imposed

SEPT 15: Spanish protesters invade GM maize fields

SEPT 15: Results of UK gm farm-trials expected next month

SEPT 15: Asia greets WTO failure with hope, fear

SEPT 15: Family farmers applaud the collapse of WTO talks

SEPT 14: Zoellick shares the US's take on the Cancun Ministerial

SEPT 14: World trade talks end in failure, delegates say

SEPT 13: Cotton proposal ignores supply management

SEPT 13: Public interests groups to US: Start pursing responsible trade talks

SEPT 12: Trade talks enter crucial phase

SEPT 12: Maine supports dairy's right to label milk rBST-Free

SEPT 11: Vatican backing sparks GM row

SEPT 11: Indian farmers target Monsanto

SEPT 11: More GMO crops in US fields if Europe drops ban

SEPT 11: GAO refutes Bush over meat labeling

SEPT 11: Cartagena Protocol in effect

SEPT 10: Opening session: Cancun talks 'must not fail'

SEPT 10: Farmers head to Cancun armed with a declaration

SEPT 10: Indigenous and peasant farmers mobilize in Cancun

SEPT 10: EU bans beef from Northern Argentina

SEPT 10: UK not ready to make GM decision, report says

SEPT 10: Brazilian court reimposes ban on transgenic soy

SEPT 9: Dioxin from Agent Orange found in Vietnamese food

SEPT 9:Canadian farm groups fighting to keep protection

SEPT 9: Big farmers feast on most U.S. farm subsidies

SEPT 9: Canada to label some genetically modified food

SEPT 8: Scientists unveil new mad cow test

SEPT 8: Farm Bureau, Ag Groups outline three pillars of ag trade

SEPT 8: Bush works phones in quest of WTO deal

SEPT 5: WTO trade wonks experience the benefits of fair trade agriculture at Cancun

SEPT 4: Few ways to limit farm subsidies, report says

SEPT 4: Back to Nature brand latest addition to Kraft family

SEPT 3: Biotech food seen hurting Canada, according to a report

SEPT 3: Minnesota ethanol plant must cut air emissions

SEPT 3: Campaign to stop the advancing deserts gets a sponsor

SEPT 3: New study suggests ending subsidies not enough

SEPT 3: Wealth of nations hangs on WTO Cancun talks

SEPT 2: Cirio pasta sauce recall, harmful dye found

SEPT 2: Austrian draft ban on transgenic organisms vetoed

SEPT 1: Venezuela's land reform hopes to make 500,000 new landowners

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AUG 30: Argentina, the GM-soy craze: immediate gratification long term heartache

AUG 29: Internet brings new markets, possibilities to rural communities

AUG 28: Monotonous sugar production has left Cuban soils suffering

AUG 28: Record temperatures shrinking world grain harvest

AUG 28: Federal court rules anti-corporate farm admendment unconstitutional

AUG 27: Sharp differences remain in WTO talks

AUG 27: Industry struggles with biotech corn

AUG 27: U.S. corn subsidies said to damage Mexico

AUG 26: U.S. wind farm developers hang their hopes on tax credit

AUG 26: Subsidy cuts, foreign markets threaten Washington state wheat growers

AUG 25: Abkhazia: Lucrative Farms Attract Mafia

AUG 25: Japan Keen to Develop Muscle in Agricultural Exports

AUG 22: EU suppresses GE study

AUG 22: Scientists link GM crop weed killer to powerful fungus

AUG 21: Study explores organic farm profit

AUG 20: EPA sued for allowing atrazine use

AUG 19: Dietary Guidelines Committee Criticized

AUG 19: Reappearance of FMD in Paraguay worries neighbors

AUG 18: Brazil rejects US-EU global farm trade proposal

AUG 18: US accused of dumping GM maize in Mexico

AUG 18: New Zealand dairy offers additional premiums to organic suppliers

AUG 18: New ultra-lean organic milk from Jersey cows

AUG 18: EU study to develop tools to monitor the organic marketplace

AUG 16: As markets grow tougher, marketing relationships grow stranger

AUG 15: South Australia backs away from GMOs

AUG 15: Glyphosate may encourage blight, but more research to be done

AUG 13: Organic UK: Consumer demand is on the rise, farmer interest is waning

AUG 13: Presidential hopeful offers alternative agricultural strategy

AUG 12: USDA announces grants for agricultural marketing projects

AUG 12: Brazil lifts ban on modified seeds

AUG 11: China tightens restrictions on soybean imports

AUG 11: Heatwave zaps French poultry sector

AUG 8: U.S. Partially Opens Border to Canadian Beef

AUG 8: Europe's seafood industry braces itself for 'vegetarian oysters'

AUG 7: Farm real estate experiences boost in value

AUG 7: E. coli fears lead to Ellison Farms ground beef recall

AUG 6: USDA Tightens Regulations for Biotech Industrial Crops

AUG 6: Agriculture college to offer organic farming course

AUG 5: Toxic Pesticides Found in India's Soft Drinks

AUG 4: Wildlife, Ranchers Win With Grazing Deal

AUG 4: European farmers feel the effects of record-breaking heat

AUG 4: World Bank-sponsored study on global food security gets green light

AUG 4: ADM-controlled Toepfer reports a good year

AUG 3: StarLink corn still appearing

AUG 3: Seed battle heads to Canada's highest court

AUG 1: One home-grown tomato, one vote for local farmers

AUG 1: Zimbabwe will need $885 to restore agriculture

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JULY 30: Fischler urges U.S. to drop WTO biotech case

JULY 30: Japan calls for better Canadian safeguards against BSE

JULY 28: Afghan Wheat Harvest Will Be Best in 20 Years

JULY 28: Olive Trees Keep Hope Alive

JULY 28: ADM's sweetener deal to be dissolved

JULY 28: Hybrid corn seed firms asked to indemnify Bukidnon corn farmers

JULY 28: UK: Graduate school opportunities in organic farming

JULY 25: Australian Approval of GM Canola Stalled by States

JULY 24: E.U. approves biotech food labeling; move draws U.S. anger

JULY 23: Smithfield-Farmland deal could cost producers over $250 million a year

JULY 23: EU moves closer to total ban on antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed

JULY 23:Europe completes laws governing transgenic food, feed

JULY 22: Food Firms Pledge to Keep Chinese Products GE Free

JULY 21: Europe adopts hardline stance on CAP cuts

JULY 20: European Commission to allow farmers to sow approved modified crops

JULY 18: Canada Imposes New Safety Rule to Fight Mad Cow Disease

JULY 18: Study finds higher likelihood of birth defects in wheat areas

JULY 17: Free booklet a useful marketing tool for environmental meat producers

JULY 16: Smithfield Foods purchases bankrupt Farmland Industries

JULY 15: Italian region orders GM maize fields destroyed

JULY 15: Monsanto's Roundup herbicide contaminates Danish drinking water

JULY 15: USDA seeks additional information on GM-wheat

JULY 15: House repeals country-of-origin label requirements

JULY 14: FDA Says Feed Maker Admits to Mad Cow Violation

JULY 14: Paraguay Finds Foot and Mouth Near Argentina, Bolivia

JULY 14: US plan for ending Canadian beef ban expected this week

JULY 14: Northern Ireland instates tough new anti-farm pollution laws

JULY 11: Japan to raise tariffs on import beef

JULY 11: Supermarkets take cut of Fairtrade cash for poor farmers

JULY 11: North America Fueling Global Market Expansion

JULY 10: Bad news from the flour mills: output plunges

JULY 9: UN Food Commission Lifts Irradiation Limits

JULY 9: USDA study shows irresponsible manure management

JULY 9: U.S. appellate court declares beef checkoff unconstitutional

JULY 8: Ohio forces state's largest egg producer to close for polluting

JULY 8: US seeks quick resolution to Canadian beef ban

JULY 8: Denmark will reduce the use of glyphosate

JULY 7: Brazil landless end standoff, take heart from Lula

JULY 6: US retaliation against Egypt hits trade plans

JULY 3: Horizon shareholders question fairness of the Dean Foods buyout

JULY 2: Farm, consumer groups want bill denying local policing of large farms killed

JULY 2: EU Parliament Clears Way to End Ban on Biotech Crops

JULY 1: Soybean plantings, futures decline

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JUNE 29: U.S. company recalls 739, 000 pounds of beef

JUNE 27: House re-opens farm bill, rural development, ag research suffer biggest cuts

JUNE 27: European Union votes to reform agricultural policy

JUNE 27: Midwest Food Alliance partnerships provide boost for certified farmers

JUNE 25: Tyson pleads guilty to pollution violations

JUNE 24: Russians accuse Chinese poachers of poisoning rivers

JUNE 24: Pork power

JUNE 24: Superweeds' signal setback for GM crops

JUNE 23: Global Ag Ministers Assemble for Biotech Promotion

JUNE 23: Opinion: Who owns the seeds?

JUNE 23: Opinion: Listen to sound science on agricultural technology

JUNE 20: U.S. seeks WTO intervention on biotech

JUNE 20: U.S. takes battle over GM crops to Brazil

JUNE 19: Iraqi farmers facing war's repercussions

JUNE 19: McDonald's to limit antibiotic use by meat suppliers

JUNE 19: Farm Aid 2003 to rock Columbus, OH

JUNE 19: Delaware soybean farmers look to biodiesel to help a lagging soy market

JUNE 18: U.S. policing of biotech crops denounced

JUNE 18: No-Till Farming Can Increase Yields

JUNE 18: Study Links Low Sperm Count to Ag Chemicals

JUNE 17: Japan requests country-of-origin labels on beef

JUNE 15: Maryland drops policy on manure runoff in bay

JUNE 13: European Commission OK’s two new products for food use

JUNE 13: Cyprus shows support with an organic week

JUNE 13: Treaty on Trade in Biotech Organisms to Become Law

JUNE 12: First organic bioregion created in Europe

JUNE 12: Drought Stricken Ethiopian Farmers Suffer Green Famine

JUNE 12: Canada to study effect of transgenics on farm soil

JUNE 11: Chilean Farmers Protest Trade Pact

JUNE 11: Pesticide residue #1 among food safety concerns, university study reveals

JUNE 10: New market for New Delhi cattle

JUNE 9: Report Blasts U.S. for Mad Cow Guideline Violations

JUNE 9: Incentives encourage farmers to slow greenhouse gases

JUNE 9: Pilgrim's Pride to buy ConAgra's chicken division

JUNE 6: Netherlands groceries to carry only free-range eggs

JUNE 5: Biotech revolution costing organic farmers

JUNE 4: Spanish farmers plow lone GM furrow in Europe

JUNE 3: Environmental groups challenge Bush admnistration's attempt to bring back methyl bromide

JUNE 3: Brazil postpones GM regulation

JUNE 3: Japan: Testing of ‘organic’ soy products turns up GM materials

JUNE 3: Canada: Trace GM materials found in a non-GMO wheat shipment

JUNE 3: FDA lifts ban on biuret in dairy feed

JUNE 3: N.C. Latino Farm Workers Can’t Afford Sufficient Food, Wake Forest Study Shows

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MAY 29: India, Pakistan discuss water dispute

MAY 28: U.S. soybean farmers question trade rep's remarks

MAY 28: Half U.S. Climate Warming Due to Land Use Changes

MAY 23: Resistant marestail found in Arkansas

MAY 23: Corn Growers praise new Senate biofuels caucus

MAY 22: UK May Allow GM Crops over Public Resistance

MAY 22: Greenpeace: NSW Biotech Crop Moratorium Has Loophole

MAY 20: Mad cow disease identified in Canada

MAY 19: In India, one man defies tradition, plants forest

MAY 18: 100,000 Organic Farmers in US by 2013

MAY 18: Farmers unite to preserve their fields

MAY 16: USDA Sold Potentially Toxic Corn to Food and Feed Handler

MAY 14: First impacts of GMOs on organic farmers are now documented

MAY 14: U.S. contests Europe's ban on some food

MAY 12: 92% of consumers favor labeling GM food, multi-state study of food system shows

MAY 12: Factory-farm lagoons linked to sickness, medical, government sources believe

MAY 10: Independent science panel formed to highlight the benefits of a GM free sustainable world

MAY 9: Victoria decision means Australia effectively remains free of GM food crops

MAY 8: Music festival and local food advocate join together to bring farmer's market to concert

MAY 6: Horizon Organic posts Q1 profit

MAY 1: EU gets set to tighten trade regulations on GMOs

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APRIL 30: Brazil to require labels on GMO foods

APRIL 30: Iraq's Bread Basket Stands to Be Ruined by War

APRIL 30: Insect Adaptability Keeps Minnesota Couple Hopping

APRIL 25: U.S. Not Prepared To Monitor Approved Biotech

APRIL 25: Big Sugar’s threat causes WHO to waiver on processed sugar recommendation

APRIL 25: Japanese government O.K.'s meat and milk from cloned cattle for human consumption

APRIL 25: Grocery chains under attack for not revealing salmon’s color a fake

APRIL 25: Low-carb diet craze hits Norway—dairy giant forced to import cottage cheese

APRIL 25: In Denmark, the guarantee of bacteria-free chicken not worth the extra Krones

APRIL 23: Montana organic acreage nearly triples

APRIL 22: The heartland wrestles with biotechnology

APRIL 21: Minnesota Agencies Sign Organic Memorandum of Understanding

APRIL 21: Corporate merger threatens competition in ethanol, corn syrup market

APRIL 18: Monsanto investors face catastrophic risk

APRIL 17: China's first joint venture licensed to sell corn seeds amid surging exports

APRIL 17: India blocks U.S. soy and corn shipment over biotech concerns

APRIL 15: Soybean producers raise concerns over Asian Rust

APRIL 14: Northeast senators ask for milk pricing investigation

APRIL 7: Senate passes amendment to repeal anti-organic rider

APRIL 7: USDA to seek additional input on specific livestock and meat marketing claims standards

APRIL 3: Monsanto's license suspended by Bihar Government

APRIL 2: Sales in New Markets Fuel Growth of Brazil's Exports

APRIL 1: Farmers to plant more biotech corn, soybeans this year

APRIL 1: Consumers are willing to put their money where their mouths are

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MAR. 28: Yield results evoke a double take on twin-row corn

MAR. 26: U.S. will subsidize cleanup of altered corn

MAR. 19: GAO questions US's ability to protect food supply from attack

MAR. 19: Packaging process strips bagged salads of vital nutrients

MAR. 18: ACGA endorses Fuels Security Act of 2003

MAR. 17: Appeals court hears arguments on pork checkoff

MAR. 17: Genetic link found for pesticides, ADHD, Gulf War syndrome

MAR. 17: The Nestlé Double Standard: The Swiss food giant refuses a GM-free policy in Thailand

MAR. 16: Fair prices could rescue dairy farms

MAR. 14: Bush administration to oppose legislation requiring that meat companies tell origin of recalled contaminated meat

MAR. 5: Eating Organic Foods Reduces Pesticide Concentrations in Children

MAR. 4: Gimbaps trounce hamburgers in Korea, McDonald's suffers

MAR. 4: Wind generators stir interest among farmers

MAR. 3: Justice Department charges Smithfield foods with violating premerger requirements

MAR. 3: No easing of US stance on EU biotech policy - US aide

MAR. 3: Dow says no evidence its bio-corn tainted crops

MAR. 3: Mexican farmers suffering at the hands of US ag policy

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FEB. 13: Supermarket Concentration Harms Farmers and Consumers

FEB. 11: Pennsylvania Farmers Union Supports Country-of-Origin Labeling Law

FEB. 11: Dumping of U.S. ag commodities problem for U.S., world farmers

FEB. 6: Study shows children retain twice the level of several chemical poisons than adults

FEB. 5: Where does the money go? Bush's budget proposal, department of agriculture

FEB. 3: Iowa federal judge grants temporary stay maintaining state's packer ownership ban

FEB. 2: Maryland Farmers’ Markets Report Banner Year

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JAN. 28: Wheat industry wrestles with GMO issues

JAN. 27: Monkeys at Copenhagen Zoo Go Ape Over Organic Bananas

JAN. 27: Iowa judge overturns law barring corporate pork processors from owning own hogs

JAN. 23: Senate approves some disaster assistance for farmers, but not enough, says National Farmers Union

JAN. 21: Poll warns of European backlash if US takes biotech to the WTO

JAN. 18: Banana workers get day in court

JAN. 18: Vermont family farms turn to organic for survival

JAN. 17: Vermicomposting worm castings, and plant health

JAN. 14: Tennessee to expand wind usage

JAN. 10: US trade chief says EU’s GM moratorium is "immoral"

JAN. 8: Bacteria resistant to antibiotics is up in factory poultry

JAN. 6: Bunge, DuPont in Soy Development Venture

JAN. 2: Rocket fuel toxic ingredient found in California lettuce

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Research Updates 2003

DEC 15: Antibiotic resistant bacteria in store-bought meats

DEC 5: Pesticide endosulfan delays male sexual maturation

DEC 2: European attitudes toward GM foods negative and rooted, studies show

NOV 26: Nitrogen mineralization in monoculture and diverse crop systems

NOV 17: Vetiver grass reigns supreme in erosion control, trapping bugs

NOV 10: Land fragmentation breaks environmental bonds

NOV 7: (Part 3 in series) Plant community assembly theory, a framework for weed management

OCT 27: (Part 2 in series) Chemicals from nature for weed management

OCT 27: Nitrogen mineralization in monoculture and diverse crop systems

OCT 9: (Part 1 in series) The role of weeds in supporting biological diversity on farms

SEPT 30: Research shows corn pollen drifts farther than thought

SEPT 30: New manure management regulations will make manure more available to crop farmers

SEPT 26: In the dairy industry it pays to label

SEPT 22: Study suggests in-season nitrogen monitoring can reduce overall fertilizer use

SEPT 24: Study finds organic foods may beat conventional in natural antioxidants tests

SEPT 19: Longterm trials find lower inputs offset lower yeilds in organic fields

SEPT 12: Organic no-till with cover crop roll-down is viable in Kentucky research

SEPT 12: Soil bio-fumigation using mustard crops for pest control

SEPT 4: California leads the way in direct marketing: results of a survey

AUG 20: Wheat losses to leaf blotch stemmed by resistant gene

AUG 12: Australian researchers find happy cattle make better beef

AUG 6: Study reveals that Bt cotton performing poorly in India

AUG 1: USDA study of organic feed grains reveals they are available and affordable

JULY 31: Buying local provides much needed boost to local economies, Calif. study finds

JULY 31: Study Shows Factory Farms Lower Neighboring Homes' Property Values

JULY 24: New OFRF report shows rapid increase in organic research

JULY 22: Locally grown food: Tastes great and less mileage

JUNE 3: Naturally occurring insect pathogenic fungi higher in organically managed soils

MAY 13: Organic foods show higher rates of natural anti-oxidants

May 8: New research shows crop mixtures reduce plant disease

APRIL 18: Part 3 of 3: Tropical soil fertility, Terra Preta soils of the Amazon

APRIL 11: Part 2 of 3: A revolution in tropical soil management – and it’s organic

APRIL 3: Part 1 of 3: An organic revolution in tropical soil fertility management

MAR. 14: Recent patterns in the U.S. Organic Market II: Price Premiums and Consumer Demand

MAR. 7: Sustainable agriculture projects have been remarkably successful in reducing food poverty in developing countries.

FEB. 26: Vitamin C and Plant Resistance to Air Pollution Stress: Organic vs. Conventional

FEB. 17: Update on atrazine as endocrine disruptor at extremely low doses

FEB. 14 : New pest control products and practices presented at the Eco-Farm Conference

FEB. 7 : Recent Patterns in the U.S. Organic Foods Market

JAN. 17: Vermicomposting worm castings, and plant health -- research shows worm compost has growth benefits that excede even those of plain compost