Complete listing of news and research: 2002


December Research 2002


DEC. 20, 2002: Industrial farming, monoculture cause trouble for native pollinators

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NOV. 18, 2002: Roundup Ready soybean genetics recently discovered in foundation seeds used by breeders -- "the seed for the seeds"

NOV. 18, 2002: Appeals court rules that pork producers must continue to pay checkoff assessments

NOV. 11, 2002: Florida voters give factory hog farms the boot

NOV. 11, 2002: AMS allocates $5 million to the National Organic Cost Share Program

NOV. 11, 2002: McDonald’s warns of restaurant closures in 10 countries -- BSE cow disease contributed to poor performance

NOV. 7, 2002: Oregon GMO label defeat spells uphill battle ahead, but supporters promise to renew their efforts

NOV. 6, 2002: Second edition of The Non-GMO Sourcebook is released

NOV. 4, 2002: South Australian farmers --'Anyone listening? We don't want genetically engineered crops'

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OCT. 30, 2002: Technology extends Mom’s wisdom into cafeteria choices

OCT. 29, 2002: Pork checkoff ruled unconstitutional

OCT. 23, 2002: Farmer sends manure instead of milk -- Fragrant protest makes a point that low milk prices stink

OCT. 15, 2002: Toxic groundwater: Even "safe" pesticide levels may be harmful

OCT. 15, 2002: France not ready to end ban on new gene crops

OCT. 14, 2002: Small organic farmers pull up stakes

OCT. 14, 2002: European farmers, consumers, environmentalists push politicians on GM seed contamination

OCT. 10, 2002: Oregon GM-Food ballot question draws FDA bluster

OCT. 10, 2002: Farmers, environmentalists ask USDA to block marketing of moldy corn

OCT. 9, 2002: Disparity in CEO compensation extends to ag sect

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Research Updates 2002

DEC. 18, 2002: Rice yields in Asia: organic farming performs well

NOV. 22, 2002: Pesticide residues in children eating conventional foods found to be 9 times higher than in organic kids

NOV. 15, 2002: Drought adaptiveness of organic crop systems and the future of food production

NOV. 8, 2002: Innovative Greenhouse Design for Vegetable Production All Winter in Canada

NOV. 1, 2002: The ecological importance of field margins.

OCT. 14, 2002: Fungicides reduce beneficial compounds in grapes.

OCT. 9, 2002: Studies show Roundup herbicide to be hormone disruptor.

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